Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Heading home!

sunny, warm, temps 25

Unbelievably mild here in Winnipeg.

It's a city I adore. As the publisher's rep, Rorie, and I discussed as we drove around the city yesterday, it's a city that's great to live in, but perhaps not to visit. A casual visitor might not really appreciate the true beauty of Winnipeg. All the trees and parks and rivers - the wonderful restaurants, the deep cultural and creative history. It is a wonderfully diverse city too - immigrants a century ago from Iceland, Eastern Europe and many other countries have made this an exciting place to live. I know - this probably comes as a surprise to many Canadian, who view Winnipeg as a bump on the flat prairies. But it's a great place. And the birthplace of social democracy in Canada, with tommy douglas and the CCF. And all sorts of social movement.

I lived here for a few years in the mid-80's....and it was so great visiting with many old friends. Had breakfast yesterday with Janet - who gave me a necklace she'd made - inspired by A Trick of the Light. How lovely is that?

Then Rorie and I drove all over winnipeg signing books.

Then had dinner with a woman who started as my producer on CBC Radio, a million years ago - and grew into one of my closest friends in the world...Pat. And met her fiance Don. And she surprised me by inviting another mutual friend - a contributor to the show we did together...Paul Walsh, and his wife Beryl.

It was absoltuely be surrounded by such great friends. Some of whom I hadn't seen in almost 30 years.

Then the event at McNally Robinson - one of the great independent bookstores in Canada. the photo doesn't do it justice. The event was t 8pm in the restaurant (closed for the event)...150 people. More chairs brought in. People on the balcony above. it was an absolutely wonderful way to end the Canadian leg of my tour!

Today am flying back to Montreal. Ahhh.... was hoping to have tomorrow to recover, but need to do a photo shoot for L'actualite Magazine in Quebec (our Time Magazine) tomorrow. Then off to North Conway, NH for an event at White Birch books Friday night -7pm. The last event of an eventful book tour!!! Wow.

Though I will be doing a small reading and signing at the library in Sutton at 2pm on Saturday - as part of the village';s celebration of the written word.

Almost home.


Linda said...

What a whirlwind you've been on! "Home" has a wonderful sound to it, doesn't it? How nice you're ending your tour in the great state of New Hampshire where you began, just about a month ago.

Hopefully the noisy dirty parts of your renovation are over!

Barbara said...

Ah, North Conway. One of our favorite places; we were there on our honeymoon 36 years ago and many times before and since. Wish we were going to be there tomorrow night.