Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Houston Hair

sunny, hot, temps in the 90's

Houston is gorgeous! But it's also suffering terribly from too much sun, way too much heat - too little rain - and the results. Tinder-dry forests and brush. And wildfires. When the flight from Phoenix arrived yesterday morning we could smell the smoke in the air. By mid-morning the wind had shifted and we could no longer smell it. But the fires were there. threatening communities - making 'good' on those threats to actually burn homes.

Very, very upsetting.

And no rain in sight.

But from my hotel room window you'd never know there was aproblem. I'm staying at this really fabulous place called the Hotel ZaZa - which is sort of film-themed, with vintage posters and black and white photos....all very 'fabulous'. But my God is it ever comfortable. It looks out over a park - with a zoo and walking trails and huge trees. Lush and green and very serene....and a huge traffic circle that flows like a river around a wonderful fountain. Magical.

I reeeally like Houston - but never get to stay here long.

Arrived from Phoenix - where the event at Poisoned Pen was amazing. Packed. It was the first time they opened the store for an event over Labor Day - so thank you Barbara Peters and everyone at Poisoned Pen!!!! But barbara and I went out for afternoon tea before the event and she very gently and diplomatically warned me that she didn't know what to was possible no one would show up.

We decided we'd have a great time anyway. Besides, I knew one of my great friends, Lesa Holstein, would at least be there. So, at the very least it would be Barbara, Lesa and me. More than enough!

After Barbara left to prepare the store for the event, I met up with Lesa for Dr. Peppers and nibblies - and a great catch-up. I adore her. She's a head librarian in the Phoenix area and runs Lesa's Book Critiques blog...a very thoughtful, very influential blog. Over the years we've become friends and see each other whenever we can. Like Monday night. And, Lesa brought me a huge bag of gummi fuel the tour. yum!!!

Then we went over to Poisoned Pen - and....the place was packed!!! They sold out of A TRICK OF THE LIGHT and all the other books in the series. Yay!!! Cannot begin to thank all the people who came out! I know there are so many other things to do - like relax at I am beyond grateful. And had a blast! Barbara Peters did the interview - the two of us sat together on stools at the front....and it really is much more of a conversation or discussion than an interview. Then she opened it for questions from the audience. I signed books after...then we scooted to the airport.

As you know, the flight from Phoenix arrived here in Houston at 2am. Checked into the hotel (got an upgrade!!!) and went to sleep....ahhh. The housekeeper, though, woke me up at 8:50 - wanting to make up the room. This seemed a little early to me - and quite upsetting since I was desperately tired. But I got up and did some work - then headed off to the luncheon that Murder by the Book had organized.

it was at the Briar Club...lovely club. And I had a chance to see a mix of old friends like Cae and Billie - and meet some of you who read the blog and facebook....but mostly, who read the books. John, who works at Murder by the Book, interviewed me and ran the event, brilliantly. wonderful man.

Then they got me back to the hotel in time for a brief nap (I left my hairbrush in Phoenix so I had a choice...nap, or buy a brush. Guess which won....but that meant when I got up and went to the evening event at Murder by the Book bookstore, I looked like something the cat dragged in! And now, after sleeping on it another night, the hair is a definite menace!!! )

You can see the photo....lots of people....and so great to see old friends. (J and J and others) And wonderful to see McKenna and Dean and Brenda and John (the fab John!) And one kind and generous soul brought a bag of licorice pipes!!!

Off to Omaha today, for an event at 6pm at Bookworm. I'll be the madwoman with frazzled hair and a licorice pipe. Looking, perhaps, like Clara Morrow! By the end of the 6 week tour I suspect I'll be looking like Ruth - so this isn't too bad.

See you tonight in Omaha!! Never been to Nebraska and I'm looking forward to it.


Linda Rodriguez said...

Hope you enjoy Omaha, Louise. You should have come to Kansas City. We'll have to arrange that for your nest book tour. So glad it's all going so marvelously.

Barbara said...

I hope someone brings you a hairbrush in Omaha. I had to laugh at that. I'm so glad your tour is turning out so well, and those hotel upgrades are wonderful.

Jaye said...

Very excited because I plan to see you at your stop in Okemos, Michigan. Have read (or listened to) all of your books and turned my family and friends on to your wonderful body of work.

Mary said...

Enjoying the running commentary on your trip! I am getting ready for my own cross country trip (via train), so went to the bookstore yesterday to buy your book. I haven't allowed myself to even open it yet - waiting until I am on the train!. Can't think of a better way to pass the time

lil Gluckstern said...

So happy your trip is going well. I'm glad you are seeing how popular you and your books are. Enjoy!

Shelagh said...

I am so happy you are having such a wonderful time on your book tour. Your enthusiasm is amazing! I, too, will be at Shulers bookstore in Okemos, Michigan, on Saturday. Can't wait to see and hear you again! (Saw you in Stratford last summer). Hugs, Shelagh

Donna K Wisconsin said...

Oh no, no,no, no, no...
not Clara but me, moaning as I have left Three Pines.Didn't mean to visit and run so so quickly but couldn't help myself this time.
Have so much to look forward to in the next book though (not to rush) after reading this one and am VERY HAPPY (don't want to give anything away) with one particular incident towards the end! I m in awe of how insightfully and smoothly you connect people and their psyches (for lack of a better word to the plot and always still so uplifting..Wish I could drive down to Chicago tomorrow to see you but am not able to do so at this time. Maybe I'll use my Gamache mug now to sootheHappy your tour is going well .. Donna K

Lisa May said...

Honestly, if you hadn't told us about the hairbrush, we would never have known :) Thank you again for coming to Houston, and for your wonderful talks - but most especially for the books. Let us know when you want to come back for a longer visit!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Louise. Thank you for being you. The book is a gem. Safe journeys to get you back to Michael and Trudy.

Anonymous said...

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wagsalot said...

Clara? Ruth? We went to Gibson's and you were ducky!