Thursday, 8 September 2011

#4 on the New York Times list!!!!

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Dateline - Omaha, nebraska - and the news????

A TRICK OF THE LIGHT is number 4 on the New York Times Bestseller list!!! Number 4!!! My God, when Andy, the publisher of Minotaur books told me I almost toppled over. not in my wildest dreams did I think we'd get that high. On the plane from Houston here yesterday morning I knew we'd hear later that day if the book had made the list. Now, there are really two New York times lists....I didn't know this until well into my publishing career, when it suddenly became pertinent.

There's the printed list - which is what we see in the Times on the weekends. The top 15 books. then there's what's called the 'extended list' - which goes to the top 35. Which is a huge accomplishment, to make the extended list, and gives authors then the right to call themselves New York times bestsellers.

The highest I've been is 23, on the extended list, with BURY YOUR DEAD. And I was thrilled beyond measure.

I honestly never dared dream one of my books would make the printed list. would ever get that high.

So on the flight I didn't dare hope...all I did was pray that A TRICK OF THE LIGHT wasn't number 16! It would be crushing to be soooo close. I'd rather be 25. But mostly, really, I just wanted to be somewhere, anywhere, on the list.

I realize it shouldn't matter. That writing the best book I can is what matters most. And it does. but between us? this matter too. All my life I've read the Times. Seen the list. Seen the names and wondered at the magic of them. And thought how happy they must be.

and now I know.

VERY happy. Happy beyond words. When Andy called last night, with my wonderful editor Hope Dellon and the fabulous Sarah Melnyk, the head of publicity at Minotaur in the room with him - he asked me to choose a number between one and 15. My legs gave way and I slumped to the side of the bed. My God - I thought....we made it.

But I didn't want to choose a number and then be disappointed somehow. If I said 11 and I was number 14, it could feel disappointing somehow. So I made a joke and said, 'Number One!' - never thinking we'd be even close.

When Andy said number 4 I almost didn't understand the words. How could that be?

But I know how that can be - how A TRICK OF THE LIGHT got to number 4.

Because Hope and Dan are brilliant editors and made the books better. Because Teresa and Patty believed in Still Life when everyone else rejected the manuscript. Because Andy, the publisher, is passionate and brilliant and oversaw all aspects of the publication - including the amazing cover - and because Sarah believed in the series, and this book. She said from the start - This is the one. And she put together this amazing tour. It's because Jeanne-Marie and Paul and Marjorie have created such a lovely presence on Facebook - and other parts of social media - which allows me to speak with you directly.

All those things came in to play. But the final, the most wonderful, glorious element?


You found Three Pines, you breathed life into Armand and Jean Guy - Clara and Gabri. And Ruth. You held their hands and kept them company, no matter what dreadful thing was happened. And you invited so many others into the village, into the books. You spread the word.

And you never, ever stinted in your support.

No part of me feels I deserve credit for this...some, yes. But the beauty of being number 4 (did I mention that??) on the NYTimes list is that we stand on that spot together. A community. I'm not alone. I don't want to be alone. I want you all with me. There. On the printed list. And in the village.

How extraordinary.

the photo above is from the fabulous event at the Bookworm bookstore in Omaha, Nebraska last night. many smiling faces. Sarah Melnyk called from New York in the middle of the event to tell us it was official and confirmed. And I got to celebrate with all these lovely people!!! the photo was taken seconds after it was announced.

What was announced, you ask?

Well, let me tell you -

A TRICK OF THE LIGHT is number 4 on the New York Times bestseller list!!!!

(pass it on)

Off to Chicago this morning - signing at Anderson Bookshop midafternoon - a stock signing, not a public event - the public event is tonight at 7 at the Book Stall in Winnetka. Hope to see you there!!!

Then off to Cleveland tomorrow for an event at 7pm Friday night at the Cuyahoga Library, in the Brecksville community Centre.


Barbara said...

Louise, I am so happy for you, but not surprised. Your writing is just captivating; you've made the people of Three Pines our friends. And we all feel like you are our friend as well. Now you can float through the rest of the tour knowing that you have really surpassed everything you expected.

Mary said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Barbara! Enjoy the glory. :)

Ann from Boston said...

Congratulations, Louise. I'm reading it now and love the images created by your words and you wonderful sense of humor. I don't think I have a favorite character but love following Jean Guy's observations of the people and settings surrounding him.

Linda said...

Good for you, Louise. I still remember finding Still Life, and weeping over the Acknowledgements, for heaven's sake - "I went through a period in my life ... when I though I would die from loneliness. I know that the real blessing is not that I have a book published, but that I have so many people to thank."
Your new book is wonderful - the best yet. I read A Trick of the Light, put it down, picked it back up and started reading it again.

Louise Penny Author said...

thank you, Barbara, Mary, Ann, Linda - It really feels so wonderful to know so many of you reading the blog were there when few others had found the books. The Founding Readers. Thank you!!!

Katie said...

Louise - I was so sad to not be able to see you in Houston. And I will have just missed you in Victoria. One of these days I will catch up with you. My least tolerated sin in others is gluttony, and yet when your book comes out, I devoure it whole. And then I am sad because it's done. Pathetic really. Congratulations on #4! I can't think of an author who deserves it more.
Best always.

PlumGaga said...

Congratulations! You deserve it.

Jane Sellers said...

Oh, Louise- I am sooo incredibly happy for you!! All of your hard work has paid off, and you should defnitely (Please!!) bask in the glory of it! After I discovered your first book (and I really don't remember how), I quickly devoured the remaining ones. That was 3 books ago, and I have awaited each succeeding one with almost unbridled anticipation.

And, you've not let us, your readers, down. I have loved and hated and then loved again all of the characters (I'm still undecided about Peter...), and can picture them and Three Pines in my mind. How I'd like a short vacation with Olivier and Gabri! And sit with Ruth while she verbally abuses me. And have lunch with the whole bunch- a person can dream, right!!

Hold your head high, and be proud of and for yourself- we, your adoring public, certainly are!!

Myke Weber said...

It should be number one! I'm thrilled for you and hope this motivates you to keep on writing for a good long time.

I have reviewed A Trick of the Light at: - encouraging all my friends to read another of your great books.

Ari said...

I found "Still Life" in Three Pines a few years age and have been living there ever since. There are a number of series by favourite authors on my bookshelf, but none quite so quietly satisfying as yours. You have created a community of people who are human and humane, loveable and exasperating and evolving. They have flaws and insecurities and are far from perfect. But each one is better because of their interactions with the others. I laugh at their foibles and cry at their often subtle acts of kindness. The image of Ruth looking skyward is heartrending.

The only drawback to each book is the last twenty pages because I know that when they have been read, I shall have to leave Three Pines until the next book comes out. Can one be homesick for a place one has never actually been? Or miss people one has never actually met? Or pray for the return of a duck that exists only in the writings of a truly magical author?

Thank you, Louise. Your books make me laugh, they make me cry - but most of all they make me think.

Anonymous said...


YOU are number 1 in our hearts, so it's no surprise that _A Trick of the Light_ made the list at number 4.


John Kwiatkowski said...

Congratulations Louise! We are all so thrilled for you here at MBTB!

Jodi said...


lil Gluckstern said...

I can only agree with everyone else. I am so happy for you, mainly because you have worked so hard and have made us part of your universe. I will never forget when I first read Still Life, and emailed you to tell you how much I loved it and felt that I had come home to Three Pines, and you emailed me back! Waiting for a flight! Wow.
Anyway, your book deserves to be up there, and it shows how people's tastes have improved. I'll say it again "Trick" is incredibly moving and wonderfully conceived and written. Yay, Louise!

Luce said...

Félicitations Louise wowwww!!!!

4 ième dans la liste du NY times c'est le numéro magique et fantastique.

Je suis à lire le mois le plus cruel en français et j'en ai parlé à des amies qui ont acheté la série en français, elles aussi.

Spread the word...

Vous le méritez bien, vos histoires sont fascinantes et vous êtes une personne créative et pleine d'énergie.

Je vous félicite et encore une fois BRAVO...

LynneB said...

Congratulations! So well deserved.

I am half way through Trick of the Light & am trying my "darndest" to read slowly - to spin it out - because I don't want to come to the end.

I am so happy to catch up with all the folk living between the covers of this wonderfully - written book.

And, I can hardly wait for the next one to find its way to my local book store.

Many thanks, Louise.

Anonymous said...

But the big question is...have you gotten a hairbrush yet???


--Marjorie from Connecticut

Candice said...

Congratulations! I think you certainly deserve. Finished the book two days after I bought it and thought it wonderful. Wish my independent book store, Politics & Prose in D.C., would invite you to talk. At any rate, good luck with the book tour and thanks for writing this amazing series!

Lisa May said...

Just adding my congratulations! It's so richly deserved, and I am glad so many people are discovering (and loving) Three Pines and M. Gamache. And now you will forever be known as "New York Times bestselling author Louise Penny" !

glenys said...

Congratulations - it's well deserved. Just finished Trick of the Light and really, really wanted more....I'd move to Three Pines because of all the wonderful characters - that is, if the murder rate wasn't so high... :-)

danielle-momo said...

Je suis très heureuse pour vous.
Merci de partager votre univers et votre bonheur avec nous.

Melody said...

Louise, I am so very happy for you! What a thrill to be #4 on THE LIST! I just want you to know I recently finished A Trick of the Light, and LOVED it. I hated to see it end.

I'm a Library Director in a small town in Illinois. I have recommended all of your books to many, many people. I've told them start with Still Life and read them all. They are worth your time.

Glad you are having a good tour. I do so wish I could meet you someday. We're only 150 miles south west of Chicago...too bad you can't swing by the library...ha!

Again, congratulations!

Trina said...

Congratulations Louise! I echo all of the previous sentiments - could not be happier for you. See you next week!

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations, well deserved.

Thoughts in Progress
Freelance Editing By Mason

darlene said...

So happy for you, Louise. Enjoy!

Donna K said...

Very, very happy for you. Your spirit comes through in your writing.Ilove the hope. You must celebrate..this is huge.Thanks again for bringing Three Pines into our lives.

Linda said...

As we say in New England, "a wicked good book!!"
When I first read STILL LIFE all those years ago, I knew it was special, and each book since has pulled me in more and more. I love the world you have created. You deserve all the accolades coming your way. sensmink

Linda said...

oops - my word verification

Jeanine Cronin said...

Congratulations, Louise! I think everyone else has expressed all my thoughts exactly and I cannot think of anything that hasn't already been said. Your tour just keeps getting better and better, day by day. You have earned it all!

Karin said...

Dear NY Times Bestselling Author,

Barbara got it exactly right. It's so rare and special to consider an author and her characters real friends that we care so much about. I am so thrilled for you. You are immensely talented and deserve much recognition. Congratulations, I can't wait to see you in Vancouver, Karin

Anonymous said...

Here it is, under Hardcovers:

Dream come true, unbelievable, well-deserved, wonderful - congratulations and kisses!