Friday, 9 September 2011


sun struggling to come out....but I feel in permanent sunshine!!! temps 69

Arrived in Cleveland this afteroon - heading east, so am losing an hour here and there. Very short and enjoyable flight from Chicago -less than an hour - in a plane that looks and feels like a needle. And is not much bigger. But fast and sure - and here!

I am having such a blast on this tour. Still no hair brush, I'm embarrassed to admit. Just no time to go out and find one. Every moment taken up either with events, or stock signings or traveling. I have a couple of hours off and might see if I can find a shop in downtown cleveland. I did find a comb, in an airport shop, and that has had to suffice.

Have to say, if it's a choice between neat hair, or a nap....well, good bye neat hair.

Did I tell you - can't remember - we're number 4 on the NYTimes Bestseller list!!!! (of course i remember telling you!!!! just joking - thought I should point that out in case you thought I'd lost my marbles).

Michael, dear one, has taken to calling me Number 4 - which makes me kinda relieved we didn't land slightly higher up the list.

I forgot to take a photo at the event last night at the Bookstall in Winnetka. But loads of people - Standing room again. Feels so wonderful. Happily (I guess) a wonderful man named John took photos. You can see a bunch on Facebook - but he also sent me some - the ones at the top. In one I appear to be pointing to something that might be stuck in my teeth - and the other shows John and me - no batteries needed.

Thank you John - thank you everyone who came out!

One of the tricks, I'm finding, on this long tour is not only to get enough sleep, but I yearn for quiet, private time. To just sit on the side of the bed and stare out the window. At a strange and often beautiful new city. And lose myself.

the other challenge - beyond the hair thing - is eating properly. Not getting junk - or missing too many meals. So I generally have fruit and coffee for breakfast - often miss lunch - then get something after the event... yesterday I was starving by the time I got to the hotel - mid-afternoon - and ordered a club sandwich...thank god it came with fries. Yummmmm. But for dinner, after the event, I went around the corner and found a little convenience store and bought some fresh sliced mango.

Now that was ambrosia.

This is a real reminder of the differnce eating well and eating badly make.

Having said that, I've just ordered a burger. But missed breakfast at the chicago hotel, to catch the flight.

I'll get this right yet. but, to be honest, so far, so good. Not gone hideously wrong.

Off to the Cuyahoga Library in Brecksville (just outside Cleveland) for a 7pm event tonight. Hugely impressive library system. Very dynamic, organized, passionate. I just LOVE being around people like that. And organized. No chaos. I find chaos on tour quite draining.

Hope to see you tonight.

Tomorrow am off to Schuler Books in Okemos - just outside Detroit - for a 3pm event....with the great Stefanie Pintoff. I am a HUGE fan of her books. She writes historical mysteries and won the Edgar for her debut. Her latest is called SECRET OF THE WHITE ROSE and needs to be read!

I'm so excited to be doing this event with Stefanie. See you there I hope!

and on Sunday Stefanie and I are at the Kerrytown Book Festival, in Ann Arbor. Lots of amazing crime writers....Maureen Jennings, who writes the Murdoch Mysteries (and a close personal friend...she's genius) - Brian Freeman - who is a wonderful thriller writer - Tasha Alexander - hugely talented. Hoenstly, it is a breath-taking list!!!

My event is in the main tent on Sunday in Ann Arbor - at 1pm.

I wonder where that burger is....oh, just arrived!


Margaret J. McMaster said...

You look great, Louise! My copy of A Trick of the Light arrived yesterday and it's your usual wonderful job. I'm reading it slowly to make it last.

Harbingerdc said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I loved A Trick of the Light! I put a brief review, along with 5 stars, on both Amazon and on Goodreads.

Shelagh said...

Oh Louise, It is so exciting to have you close by. Well you are in Cleveland, and I am in Brighton, MI, but tomorrow you'll be in Okemos. SWEET. Absolutely thrilled to have you here in Michigan. Hugs, Shelagh

Anonymous said...

Hello from Greater Cleveland, Louise. Thanks for your dynamic talk tonight, and of course, for your wonderful Inspector Gamache mysteries. I've loved every one of the books -- in hardback and in audio format.... I also agree that the Cuyahoga County library system is fantastic. (How's that for a bunch of superlatives?) Congratulations on your NYTimes ranking, and thanks again for writing books with such "human" characters.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, this is all good. I was just curious - how did you cut up your dinner mango? If I recall well, you're travelling and flying only with a carry-on which means no knives. Is there anything you know and I don't? Will that be revealed in the next book? I am afraid I cannot wait that long. It is already hard enough to keep Trick of the Light on standby, being #4 on NYT fresh list list. I may buy it tomorrow in the first bookstore and at full price; looks like it is worth it.


Larry said...

Louise: Had the chance to hear your talk in Brecksville last night and was quite entertained. I've read "Still Life", and after hearing you, will have to read the rest of your work to find out how the characters progress. Thank you for a wonderful evening. I look forward to the rest of your journeyl. Best regards,
Larry Dewey