Sunday, 25 September 2011

Parade Magazine

overcast, showers, cool, temps 15

What a change - the rains have arrived....but I have to say, the ferry across from Victoria to Vancouver was magicial this morning. As you can see. that was my office. Wow. Totally seduced by British Columbia. I remember so well and so fondly our visit to Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast of BC, for their literary festival a year ago. Beautiful.

The event at Bolen Books last night was amazing. 120 people - Standing room only. Felt like a gathering of friends. I so appreciate the atmosphere you all create. Thank you. Stimulating, but relaxing at the same time. Like a great conversation with a thoughtful friend. (you being the thoughtful friend) You can see the photo.

Then Lorna got me to the bus this morning for the 7:45 departure to the ferry....then the hour and a half crossing...then Jamie, of Raincoast books met me and now I'm in a hotel in downtown Vancouver.

Had a 2pm event at Chapters on Granville Ave in Vancouver....lots of people out....that's the other photo (bet that wasn't helpful). I've come to really enjoy it when I'm joined onstage by an interviewer. Far easier, frankly, for me. And I think for the audience...more dynamic than me alone yakking away at you. Today Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit interviewed me. She's famous as being 'Yoyomama'. About four years ago she set up the website and newsletter, to communicate with other mothers....and it's taken off. But the publishers found out that she reads the books, so they asked her to join me and we had a wonderful conversation on stage.

And loved seeing so many of you out as well. Also packed...more people than chairs. Yay! Always a great thing.

But did you hear the wonderful news??? Parade Magazine in the US named A TRICK OF THE LIGHT their Book Pick of the Week! Parade is a terrific magazine that is inserted into millions of Sunday newspapers across the United States. Has 33 million readers.

How wonderful is that?!

I can't begin to find the words to describe how wonderful this is....all of this. Happily, I know you know exactly how I feel.

Must run off - dinner tonight with the publisher. Then flying to Winnipeg tomorrow.

Speak soon!


Lisa May said...

Though the Parade review is brief, it's wonderful! Congratulations!

lil Gluckstern said...

I continue to be so happy for you, and with this review, I see that someone else saw what I saw. "Trick" is definitely "piercing psychologically," and its confrontation with dark and light and ultimate forgiveness and redemption still resonate with me.

Marcia said...

Just got my sister and her guy, who live in southern Ontario near Hudson, hooked on Louise Penny! GAve them TOTL when I was visiting... Now I know what to get them for the next few birthdays! Thank you!!!

Sue Mom of Two said...

Just finished a "Trick of the Light". Oh.My.Goodness! GREAT GREAT book! I think it is the best so far.

darlene said...

It's so great to know how well your tour is going, how well A Trick of the Light is doing and that you came all the way to the west coast again.

I am sad, though, that I was volunteering for the Crime Writers of Canada (to which I belong) at a national annual event called Word on the Street when you were at Chapters in Vancouver. It was a really unfortunate conflict.

I was with you in spirit, though, and next time I'll be in the front row.

Linda Rodriguez said...

It's wonderful to see the great success you're having with A Trick of the Light. Well-deserved success! I am always delighted to read of another great milestone accomplished. I hope you are managing to get some rest to keep up with the hectic demands of huge success.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I had a terrific time at the Bolen Books event in Victoria and are so glad we planned our trip to Vancouver Island to coincide with your visit. Thank you for being so gracious and entertaining throughout the evening, and particularly for taking the time to write a special dedication to my mother - she's a recent convert to your books and will love reading what you wrote when she opens this Christmas present!