Monday, 5 September 2011


wispy high clouds - hot! temps above 100

We're not in New England anymore, Toto. What a miracle air travel is...and how astonishing is the United States. Went from too wet and very lush and green New England to the Arizona desert and it's reds, ochres, palm trees and cacti. And searing heat. Arrived yesterday from Atlanta - and went for a walk. Short walk. Was going to be longer but after about three minutes I was drenched (granted I was wearing jeans - but not the winter books Michael forgot to take off last time we were here - remember that? We had to head into town to buy him sandals! Got on the plane in snowy Burlington a couple years ago, and he forgot to leave his boots in the we walked around phoenix, looking for a shoe store, in snow boots.)

LOVE, love, love Scottsdale. So different from anything I've ever known. So beautiful - and love the fusion of American and Mexican cultures. I know there're lots of tensions, and this has become a political issue hotter than the phoenix sun - scalding in fact - but as a visitor I just adore it. Reminds me of the French and english melange at home, and how we're so much the richer for it.

Am staying at the Valley Ho - Sarah, my publicist at Minotaur, managed to get me upgraded to this spectacular suite!!! Can you imagine - my god, it's wonderful. Unfortunately it came complete with partying neighbours last night. I was so looking forward to a long, relaxed evening and sleep - deep, uninterrupted sleep - finally. But their shrieks woke me up. I actually called security after a while and that quietened them down. Some noise I can tolerate and understand - people have a right to be happy, and laugh. But I think yelling and shrieking crosses the line. I love what Mark Twain said - 'Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins'. They hit my nose with the screams.

But beyond that, this is a wonderful place! Having such fun. Will do a massage later this morning. Ahhhh.

And last night, while others partied - I have the best time of all. I did laundry!!! The suite has a washer and dryer. You can see 'me' lying on the lounger on the balcony.

Off for an event at 5pm at the wonderful Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, with the remarkable Barbara Peters. Then she's driving me to the airport for a flight to Houston - arrive at 2am (thanks to the time difference - I didn't realize flights were allowed to land that late). Then luncheon talk tomorrow at noon - and another tomorrow evening at Murder by the Book, one of the great independent bookstores in North America. So looking forward to seeing everyone there.

I owe my writing career to many people. My agents Teresa and Patty - my publishers and editiors - Hope and Dan. But I know it would all have stopped after the first few books if it wasn't for the Independent Mystery bookstores - who found the little books set in Canada - and started handselling them. Telling others. So wonderful to get a chance to say thank you.

Am lying right now on the lounge chair - looking at the hills in Scottsdale and the palm my morning meditation (I bring a small book along with me on the road - to help keep me balanced and on track). Said quiet prayers of thanks - and now will begin the day. In clean clothing!!! If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is.

thank you so much for your comments, which I love reading - for your company, which sustains me - for your great good energy and humour...for your support with A TRICK OF THE LIGHT - for telling others about the books. And for coming out to the events and letting me know that I'm not alone. How beautiful you are. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,

Just wanted to let you know that today's Washington Post (September 5) has a very favorable review of A TRICK OF THE LIGHT. The reviewer likens you to Agatha Christie. In fact, she says that you are better than Christie! I'll second that.

Jo Anne Kassner

Colombine said...

Quel intéressant "tour book"!

Mon mari part pour une semaine de hiking en Suisse. Il passera une nuit chez des copains là-bas. Il se proposait de leur apporter vos 2premiers livres en guise de cadeau. J'ai pensé que c'était une excellente idée! Je ne sais pas si vos livres sont vendus là-bas...

Bon séjour aux USA et bon retour avec Michael.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, reporting live from Toronto. Indigo bookstore at the Eaton Centre had only 4 (four) copies left of Trick of the Light last night, apparently it sells quite well over there. The bookstore clerk did not know why, so I suggested to her to check this blog to get a full picture. Now it's time to catch up on the blog entries before the flight home to Montreal will board. It was as great here as on your book tour, minus your speed of light change of destinations. Go, Louise, go!!! VT

Sandra said...

Louise I wanted to share with you something my husband said. When we were driving home from your talk in Madison CT I asked him what one word he would use to describe you (I said you ere a happiness pill - seeing you makes me instantly happy) but he said "insightful". I'm almost through with the latest and he was so right. Your books are like manual of a life well read, lessons learned and shared. I used to love the idea of "doing my sums" albeit not at Hovey, but your words that resonated with me today were the ones from Ruth to Clara - that you can choose what to remember - how wise. Thank you.

Seileen Mullen said...

Arrived home from vacation yesterday to find my copy of "A Trick of the Light" wating for me..started reading and finished it...was halfway through when I opened my Washington Post this morning and saw the fab review. I can honestly say that when I purchased your first book at Malice Domestic and heard you speak, I knew you were meant for the NYT best seller list. So utterly pleased for you.
AND I drink my coffee out of my "Vive Gamache" mug.

chellimph said...

Just finished Trick of Light...LOVED IT SO MUCH! When I finished the last page I sat there and just relished in what a good time I had reading it. Then I got sad because I had to say good bye to Three leaving good friends and returning home from an amazing vacation. Next time I hope you tour in California...if you don't then perhaps we will come to Arizona (kicking myself a little for not thinking of this sooner). Your books are wonderful, thank you.

PS - No spoiler here...but thank you for the compassionate way you talked about recovery in this book. I work for a substance abuse treatment organization in San Francisco, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics - Walden House, and I just really appreciated the way that topic was addressed. Thank you again!

Lesa said...


I'm grateful for the comments by that last writer. You and I never really talk about your books when we get together, but you did a beautiful job with that. Since Jim was a recovering alcoholic, as well as an addictions counselor, I can speak from both aspects of that.

And, I'm grateful for you. My words for you would be joyful, and aware. I think you appreciate the life that goes on around you. Thank you for sharing that
gift with us, Louise.

Another beautiful book. Now, I have to look for that Washington Post review.

Barbara said...

You had a washer and dryer in your suite? Oh, such heaven!

I'm anxious to get A Trick of the Light.

Anonymous said...

So happy to share your adventures "on the road" Finished "A Trick of the Light" this weekend. Clara is growing so is uncanny...I loved this book! Thank you for insight and for forgiveness in its broadest sense!

I'll be following your journey.



Mary-Martha said...

Just catching up on your blog after an absence and loving all the comments about your tour and A Trick of Light! Picked up my copy this past weekend and while I want to sit down and devour it, I also want to savor it because I know it will be awhile before their is another. Oh, such a dilemma!!
Congratulations on the many wonderful reviews and comments. Reading your books has driven me to plan a trip to Montreal and Quebec to see your beautiful country for myself.

Louise Penny Author said...

Oh, I can't thank you enough for your company!!! such fun knowing that with each step, you're there. Thank you - this would be NO fun at all without you.

thank you too for your very meaningful comments about recovery. such a great way of putting it. As we recover our lives, our families, our selves.

On to Omaha today....dying to see Nebraska - hope to see you there.