Friday, 16 September 2011


mainly sunny - cool - temps 15

Wow - cold front has arrived in Montreal. Very cool - cold even.

But I don't care!!! I'm finally here, with Michael. Arrived yesterday morning - caught early flight out of Charlottetown, PEI and was in Montreal in time for breakfast at Nick's with Michael.

What an amazing 3 weeks....when I left here I knew it'd would be chock full of events, and new people and experiences....but I never dreamed it would be such an unforgettable, life-changing time. To have been all over the States (well, not quite everywhere) and to have met so many of you...and had a blast!!! But then to make it to number 4 on the NYTimes As you can see, I'm still living on that.

Had such a great time these past few days on Prince Edward Island. As you can see, Trina and I stopped in a seaside town called Victoria and ate lunch outside...lobster roll. It really is paradise. PEI feels a bit like walking into a parallel universe, where all the modern conveniences exist - but so does civility. A quiet. A calm pace and thoughtful conversation. It was just lovely.

And had such fun at the events. The photo above is from my last event on the Island, on Wednesday night - at the Montague Library. The four girls standing at the front are aspiring writers, who are taking a writing workshop. I asked them to stand in the front for the photo - because they'll be leading the way before long. The new voices. Aren't they beautiful? I wanted to take them all home, but wasn't allowed to.

And now I'm home in Montreal for a few days...slept a lot yesterday. Watched episodes from the first season of Modern Family- my new favorite show. And just luxuriated in familiar aromas and textures and sights....and Michael. And then last night received the wonderful news that BURY YOUR DEAD had won the Macavity award for best crime fiction novel in the US - as voted on by readers of Mystery Readers International - a great web-based publication and blog run by the remarkable Janet Rudolph.

The award was announced last night at Bouchercon (the huge crime readers/writers convention) happening this year in St Louis. Sarah Melnyk - my publicist at Minotaur Books - accepted for me. Thank you so much - to Mystery Readers International - to Janet Rudolph - to Sarah...

As you probably realize, getting a book out there really is a team effort - and everyone on that team has a specific job. Mine is to write the books...and then it gets handed to the fabulous Hope Dellon, my editor at Minotaur, and Dan Mallory, my editor at Little, Brown in the UK - to make suggestions...and they unfailingly make the manuscript better. Then, in the US, all sorts of other people get involved - including Andy Martin - the actual publisher of Minotaur books - who is a brilliant marketer and strategist. There are just so many elements....the cover of publication....the supporting ads...all the social media now, thanks to Jeanne-Marie and Paul!

I guess my point is that winning the Macavity is such a huge honour - that needs to be shared with the whole team. I'm one element, but that's all.

And a really big part of a book's success is making sure you know it even exists...and that falls, in my case, to Sarah Melnyk at Minotaur. So I'm just thrilled she was the one who got up and accepted the award. thank you, Sarah!!!

I was supposed to be at Bouchercon - but I have to admit....I'm sooooo happy to be in Montreal for a few days - to be with the Big Guy and to breathe.

Had an interview this morning for L'actualite magazine - which is the Quebec equivalent of Time Magazine - with Georges-Hebert Nick's. Fascinating man - a great pleasure to meet a journalist and writer I admire so much.

And on Sunday I have a 2pm event at the Chapter's bookstore on Ste Catherine street in downtown Montreal. Love to see you there.

Well - must go. Lunch at the Taverne on the Square....then back home for more Modern Family, and a nap. Amazing, blessed, life.


lil Gluckstern said...

Congratulations and enjoy every minute. You so much deserve this, given how much pleasure you give. I'm still feeling "A Trick of the Light" a week or so later.

Trina said...

Congratulations Louise! May your mantel continue to overflow! As long as you keep writing we will keep on reading. Glad you are home safe and sound and rested.

Barb Bruce said...

LOL, ok, telling a story on myself, reading the title of today's blog I was thinking you had to go to the dentist. Sheesh! Congrats and glad I was off target.

A Novel Woman said...

Congratulations! Well deserved, too. Isn't it nice to be home, even with the cold? And Tavern on the S. is one of my favourite restaurants in Montreal. Love the hangar steaks and frites!

John said...

Congratulations on the Macavity, louise! We miss you here in St. Louis at Bouchercon but are glad that you are reunited with your honey! Enjoy!


danielle-momo said...

Felicitations pour le New York Times, le Globe and Mail et le Macavity ! Et je suis persuadée que ce n'est pas fini...

Bon retour à la maison.

Barbara said...

I read about the Macavity on The Rap Sheet, Jeff Pierce's blog. Congratulations, Louise! So glad you are back home with Michael.

Beth said...

I somehow missed this post and heard about the Macavity from the Omnimystery newsletter. It's fun to see the good news spreading from so many different directions. Hooray for you, and for dear Bury Your Dead.

Anonymous said...

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