Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Kindred Spirits

sunny, warm - temps 75

Absolutely beautiful weather here on Prince Edward Island. for those unfamiliar with Canada, we have a couple of islands that are privinces unto themselves...Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island (or PEI).

A few months ago I received an email from Trina O'Brien Leggott, of the PEI library system, saying they were going to be part of the One Book, One Community campaign - but had decided to make it province-wide - so that it became One Book, One Island. And she wondered if they chose STILL LIFE, could I come for the culmination.

You can imagine my response. The email was still warm when I shot back a YES, PLEASE. Didn't even pretend to think about it! but it seemed so far off.

And now, here it is. And here I am. Having just a wonderful time. glorious weather...sunny and warm. Perfect September. Am staying in Charlottetown, and yesterday morning I had a few hours to wander (with an ice cream cone) down to the water front. You can see the photo. God help me, part of me is tempted to call Michael, get him to pack a bag and Trudy, buy a home and never leave.

Then Trina came by the hotel and drove me to the Anne of Green Gables house, in Cavendish. I have to say, I was resistant to go, or admit I wanted to go. Didn't want to admit I wanted to do something so cliche. Then I thought - oh, for God's sake - how can I be my age and still worry about how this would look??? If I want to go, go!

the drive was we skirted the Atlantic then through the centre of the island. And then - there was the house.

I LOVED Anne growing up. One of the first books I read on my own - and the first series. I just gobbled them up. Anne, and her 'kindred spirit' friend. Who doesn't long for a kindred spirit? I suspect that has deeply inspired many things in my life, and most things in my books. That longing to belong. That longing for deep and loving friendships....understanding and acceptance.

Anne gave me that.

You can see the photo of Trina in front of the house. And then, on our way home, we stopped by one of the hundreds of beaches.... ahhhh.

did a french interview for Radio Canada late yesterday afternoon - my french felt very rusty....ugh. Poor Audette, who did the interview. So patient. and tolerant.

Very fun event last night at the Confederation centre in Charlottetown....preceded by a great dinner with some library reps, and a couple of contest winners. We laughed so much.

Today - off to the Bibliotheque (library) publique J-Henri-Blanchard at 2pm - for a mostly french event (hope my french returns)
Then 7pm event at the Montague Rotary Library.

And then???? HOME

Well, not totally home. Taking 6:30am flight to Montreal tomorrow....Michael driving up....and we'll be together... meeting for breakfast at Nick's on Greene Ave. Oh, God, I don't dare even think about it, I get so emotional. Haven;t seen Michael in almost 3 weeks, though we speak several times a day, and email. But, wow - one more sleep until we're together for the weekend.

Actually - he's my island. And my kindred spirit.


Ann from Boston said...

Hi Louise. I knew those pictures were of you on PEI before I even read the post. My family is from there and many still live there. I, too, am trying to figure out a way to move to PEI from Boston. My mother was the only one of her five siblings to move to the US. I spent many summers there on the family farm as a kid. And have visited many times over the years. My sister just got back from PEI and the last time I was there was five years ago. It's the most beautiful place in the world. My 94 year old uncle still lives in the old family home and is very sharp.
I re-read STILL LIFE when you originally posted the information about One Book, One Island and it prompted me to start to re-read all your books. Just finished A TRICK OF THE LIGHT and loved it.

Nancy said...

What a lovely post this is and the pictures are wonderful. I can imagine being on one of those beaches and smelling the sea air.

Myke Weber said...

I, on the other hand, didn't read Anne of Green Gables until I was in my 50's. As I am a man, I doubt if I'd have enjoyed it as a boy. I couldn't wait to go to PEI and see the place that so inspired L. M. Montgomery.

No embarrassment here. I loved those books and that place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, and I enjoy the great weather in PEI, it got considerably cooler in Montreal today.

We should organize a contest like they used to have on the NBC Today show, and call it 'WHERE IS LOUISE TODAY?' Thanks for the blog, at least we know, even though it is hard to keep up with this incredible rollercoaster that our favourite author has now become.


Bob said...

I visited PEI many years ago while driving around eastern Canada. Loved it. Crossed over on a large car ferry on a stormy day. Spent the whole time out on deck in the wind and spray. What a wonderful island!

Mary said...

Hi Was at PEI in May, loved it. Came home from work yesterday to find a First Edition signed "Trick of Light " in my mail box!!! love my brother. Have enjoyed your journey very much. M Parrott Shelby Twnship Michigan

lil Gluckstern said...

Lovely-on all counts. Home is such an evocative word. Thank you for taking us along.

Beth Lias, Dayton Ohio said...

Oh I envy you so, going to PEI! A visit there is high on my bucket list. I loved the Anne books and have read them many, many times. I've toured the house on the Anne of Green Gables web site but would love to see it in person. Your blog posts are always so lovely Louise. You always brighten my day.

Susan said...

Louise ~ Thank you so much for sharing your life/travels/relationships with us. PEI looks beautiful, and how great is it that you got to see the Anne of Green Gables house, no matter your age!!

Trina said...

I feel like the luckiest librarian! It's been a wonderful week introducing Louise to lots of Island readers, every one of whom are now fans of the Gamache books. It's the best part of the job - introducing readers to writers they have not yet met. Through One Book One Island we have had a tremendous read-a-thon and the success is due in no small part to the wonderful Still Life and the even more wonderful Louise Penny. Thank-you for sharing so much with us all. Come back soon; there's a lobster roll with your name on it ....

Colombine said...

Bon retour à la maison Louise, vous l'avez bien mérité...

Eh! Michael... be careful with her. I know you will.