Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Little, Brown!!!

sunny, mild, temps minus 2

Another splendid day. Not sure it the syrup will be running today - perhaps a little too cold. Water on the driveway frozen today. Crunched my way with Trudy to the mail box. I remember painting it when we first arrived her. Put on a bright fresh blue paint, the house number and then stenciled Michael's last name...then realized there was very little space for my name. so I ended up printing it long hand. So Michael's name is huge and symetrical and mine all squashed in and trailing off to the side.

Now, a decade later, the mail box had been whacked by the garbage truck, by the recycling truck, by the snow removal tractor. The blue paint is faded and chipped. The metal box is all dinged. But our names remain. I look at it and think I should repaint it, but I sort of like the 'lived in' look.

Great news about Tara! She's still with us...or actually with the Mounts. Amazing the will to live. And be with the family.

And other great news - that I've known for a few month but couldn't say anything about. I've changed British publishers and will now be published by one of the most prestigious and serious houses in Britain. Little, Brown. A storied publisher. I'm beyond thrilled. My editor there is Dan Mallory - who was an Oxford professor of literature (even teaching detective fiction) - before joining Little, Brown.

Michael and I had tea with him in London and got to know him. Very important for me to have a personal relationship with an editor. It is such an intimate relationship, there needs to be trust there, and the absolute certainty the editor knows what I'm trying to do with the books, and will fight fiercely for it within the publishing house, and beyond. And there needs to be mutual respect. I just adore Dan - and his very impressive ideas for the series. It's exciting.

Cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am. So Bury Your Dead, as well as the next three books, will be published by Little, Brown in Britain.

For the american market I've stayed with my US publisher, Minotaur and my fabulous, dazzling editor there, Hope Dellon. It also helps that Dan and Hope are very interested in working together and making sure they come to decisions that will build the Gamache books in both big markets.

I'm a big fan of collaboration and team work. As you know, I'm very competitive...but in my experience the best way to succeed is to work well with others. A team is always going to be more powerful than an individual. And more fun.

I realize many people feel much more comfortable on their own...but I don't. Besides, if it doesn't work out, I plan to just blame Dan. Or Hope. Or Teresa. Or Michael. Or Trudy. Or you.

Gives me comfort at night.

Breakfast in cowansville this morning. Then 15-hundred words written. Woke in the middle of the night realizing two things didn't make sense in the manuscript...or, really, I'd forgotten something that would make sense. I have a notepad by my side of the bed so I made more notes. sometimes the notes are a little too cryptic.

Dog food.
Why not?
When arrive?

things like that that in the morning make no sense. But these notes this morning did. So I was able to go back and insert a few references and am now writing a scene that needed to be there.

As I write the book comes alive more and more. Very fun.

Michael and I are considering going to London for a couple of weeks in May...but i need to be finished this first draft by then. Don't want to be in the Big Smoke and still writing...nor do I want to interrupt the writing for two weeks. But if the timing works out it would be perfect. When I finish a first draft I need to take a couple weeks off, to detach and be able to edit.

We'll see. I'll know better in a month.

Off to ellipticate on the torture device, and listen to Billy Bishop Goes to War.

Once more into the breach, dear friend.


Jen Forbus said...

Oh Yea! What wonderful news, Louise! I'm so excited for you. Congratulations!!

Shelagh said...

What a great day, for you and for us! Wonderful news about Little, Brown - congratulations,- and the next THREE BOOKS! - Y-E-S!!!!!!!!

And great news about Tara, too; the Mounts must be overjoyed.

I'm amazed you will possibly be finished with the first draft of the new book by May. How dedicated and focused you are.

Enjoy this wonderful spring-like weather we are having. We have nine sandhill cranes who have returned, and have seen (only one) robin, and red-wing blackbirds. Oh yes, spring is right around the corner.

Hugs, Shelagh

bgpringle said...

Wonderful news about Little, Brown. I know you must be so pleased.

Also wonderful news about Tara.

This morning when I walked into my literary club, a friend asked if I'd heard of Louise Penny. She's just discovered you and read your 1st two books and has ordered the next 3. She just adores your writing and is excited to have found you!! I'm hoping we can put one of your books on our list for next year.

Keep up the goodl work - I'm awed at your dedication and wonderful work ethic - obviously the only way to get it done!

Bev Pringle

whalewatcher said...

Morning Louise,
Ha! I have broad shoulders you can blame me if it all falls apart, but I have confidence in you so...shouldn't be a problem.
Congratulations on your new publisher. I hope it all
goes smoothly as the 3 of you work together.
Most important thing I heard in your blog today was
you'll be working w/these publishers for 'Bury Your
Dead AND the next THREE books! I'm happy my
reading card is full for a while : )
Have a super day!

Cece said...

Great news about Little Brown, although I am in Minotaur-land myself. But at least 4 more books is good news in any publishing language!

And wonderful news about Tara.

Had the chance to steer a library patron your way yesterday, and Still Life had just come back in. Serendipity.

Marjorie said...


--Marjorie from Connecticut

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Haha - love your Little, Brown comments. And Marjorie, I knew it reminded me of something. Jug! I also keep wanting to call it Little John...and the merry band of editors. But Little, Brown is such a great and prestigious publisher in Britain. I'm ecstatic, as you can tell.

thank you all for knowing that, for feeling that and sharing it with me.

And yes, three more Gamache books.