Wednesday, 31 March 2010


overcast, a little rain, temps plus 3

A little chilly. But the big news (besides Markus) is that the temperatures will be soaring to 20 degrees or more this weekend! and sunny. It should be a spectacular Easter long weekend. Yay.

And Markus has arrived. He's amazing. Very calm, very gentle. Huge. I fed him and apple and he bit it into three pieces from my hand. Very gentle and delicate.

He's resting now. But we're all delighted and relieved.

One of our friends - Sandra - who sometimes posts comments, wrote a few days ago to tell us about her wonderful dog, Ernie. Because they now have a baby, Flora, they find themselves in the heartbreaking position of having to find him a new home - preferably in Ontario or Quebec.

I asked Sandy if she could send me something, just in case one of you might have a home for him. Well, she just sent this link to her blog because she wrote about him today - with that's much easier than me trying to figure out how to get stupid ole photos on the blog. Funny - I could do it once...but just spent about an hour and couldn't figure it out. so Sandy was kind enough to send this Ernest -

On another front - We saw the skunk! The bugger was just waddling around our back garden. In the middle of the day. Clear not at all afraid of Trudy, or us. And why would s/he be?

Can you imagine if people could squirt each other like that? The office would be a whole different place. As would divorce court. Of course, the world might be a nicer place, if our bad behavior had such immediate and smelly consequences.

Wrote two thousand today. I was looking ahead to my schedule in April and realized it actually has quite a few events. Many of them social, but still events. So I really do need to not stumble now.

It's quite fascinating what is happening with the story. In some ways it feels as thought i'm running in place, because the time isn't moving forward...but the events are. Pacing is always interesting...can't all blast along, but neither can it lag.

Having breakfast tomorrow with Danny and Philip to discuss the Knowlton Literary Festival this summer. then back home to write. Friday looks free to just write. Saturday two of Michael's sons are arriving to celebrate Easter. That'll be huge fun.

And hoping to go for a ride on the weekend. Not on Markus...Jana said she'd take the first turn. Michael said he might even go for a trail ride, but probably not until later I'm not sure if he meant later in the summer or later in life. He told me the funniest story about his first, and last, time riding. he was a teenager and the horse took off back to the barn. With Michael clinging on and yelling, 'Whoa'. the horse went not just to the barn, with michael still on him, but into his stall. For the next ten minutes, until someone found him, Michael just sat on the horse in his stall.

It was no one's finest moment. Michael hasn't felt fondly toward horses ever since. But we might change that. Later.

Actually, he seemed quite taken with Markus, who was very calm and didn't seem inclined to kidnap Michael.

Don't forget to check out Ernest! He's adorable.

Hope you're have a good day...speak to you tomorrow.


whalewatcher said...

Hello Louise,
So glad all is going well w/Markus and your writing.
I know my last skunk advice fell flat, and I'm not trying to be an alarmist, but you said the skunk is out wandering in the back yard during the day.....well unless Canadian skunks are way different than American skunks....they are nocturnal.
We were always taught if you see one in the daylight to steer clear because it may be ill. Perhaps it has something to do w/it being pregnant that I don't know about or maybe it is coming out of hibernation. I'd probably try to check w/someone who has some expertise in the matter..... where I grew up it was just not a good sign.
Have a wonderful Easter!

Mercedes said...

Louise and Sandra -- I went to Ernie's website. I have just one question: when was Ernie's last dental appointment? A Newfie/lab mix is not an aggressive dog by nature. Something is definitely amiss. Please have a professional examine his gums and his teeth. Looking forward to pix of Markus in April's newsletter. Is it April yet??? -- Mercedes

Brenda B. said...

Such happy news about Markus. Happy for him and happy for you.

Glad the horse adoption has worked out and that your writing is going well. I so admire your self-discipline.


Brenda B.

whalewatcher said...

Great newsletter this month! Good picture of Markus.
The way you and Michael work things out sounds like the kind of relationship to're blessed.
May I ask a question about the early copy of Bury
Your Dead that you hope to have for giving away?
I know you said that isn't until May, but are you going to put in everyone's name you send the newsletter to or do you want us to ask to be in the drawing?
I'm not anxious or anything ; ) just want to get in there w/the 50,000 other people who'd like to win it.
Will be thinking of you at the awards ceremony and sending all good thoughts for your book to win!

David said...

so happy that a horse has come back into your life. As a former Montana ranch girl, I yearn for those days from my Portland home. Horses just do it for me.
I enjoy your writing so much and have been plowing through all that I can get my hands on.......thanks for the little village of 3 pines....I want to live there!

David said...

It just says David......I am Judi!

Tammy said...

Saw a show on PBS about skunks recently and why they are the most seen "roadkill"....They are not afraid of anything and when a car, aka predator, approaches they turn around, raise their tail and stomp their little feet in warning, and then if that doesn't deter the "predator", they spray. Hence, they get smashed by the cars on the road. An interesting fact, I thought.

Tammy from MO

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the skunk thoughts. I googled skunks in daylight right after that...and apparently they sometimes do come out in daylight, without being sick. But we'll be careful. Thank you. Not enough to have a skunk - or skunk poop - now it must be rabid.
Though I suspect it isn't. Love the story about the poor things taking on a car. I guess that's one reason skunks don't rule the world.

And about the ARC for Bury Your DEad, when the May newsletter comes out I'll be asking people to put their names into the draw. Thanks for asking!

riverview said...

So glad to hear about Markus.
Will get my name in the pot in May.
My Physical therapy is going well but
I really miss Three Pines folks company.
Missed "adorable Ernest"; where to check him out?
Happy Easter and Passover.
Ann L B