Thursday, 4 March 2010


brilliant sunshine, cooler and breezy, temps zero

The first of the maple syrup has arrived. Calls back and forth last night, announcing it. The cans were spotted at EdwardsFeed Store in West Brome. Pat said she'd pick us up a couple pints. And down the road cars were parked beside a cabane a sucre - basically an old shed, a sugar shack - on a neighbours property. A young man was shoveling snow - part of the process.

In the cabane a sucres of my childhood there'd be long pine tables filled with food. Baked beans, fresh bread, eggs...all smothered in maply syrup. Les Oreilles de Christ... Christ's Ears (not kidding). I can't quite remember if they were pastry or fried pork rinds. With maple syrup. I do know that Les Pets des Soeurs (Nun's farts) are pastries. I blogged about them last year when in Quebec City.

This is a glorious day - sun blinding off the snow.

Pat just arrived with the syrup. Kirk called - he's coming in a few minutes with new pillows for the living room. Cannot have too many pillows. Which reminds me - I was out with Trudy this morning, jogging with her down the driveway - when I realized that I am not designed for running...or even jogging. Too awkward. Now swimming I can do...and certainly bathing. I walk very well and toss things up into the air and catch them also very well. I have great hand/eye co-ordination, and am very good at napping. But I don't run well.

The writing went quite well today. Trying to keep the critic at bay, but that door is straining against the force of the critic wanting in. And every now and then, from the gap under it, comes a whisper - the book is dull, it's stupid. The characters are silly and characaturish. Quite a whisper. You can imagine what it says when actually allowed right into the room.

But so far, so good. Finished the second chapter. I won't tell you what happens at you needn't worry.

What a relief these days are when all I need do is write and answer emails.

We're now discussing the cover designs for the American publications. Extremely interesting and very difficult in that it is so subjective, and very hard to find words to describe when a design works and when it doesn't. And why it doesn't.

Well, off to relax...I went into Sutton as soon as I finished the some grocery shopping. And bought four bouquets of tulips. Ahhhh. Now we have a huge vase of them on the pine table in the kitchen and another huge vase on the piano in the living room.

Oh, Kirk is here - must fly. Speak tomorrow...


lil Gluckstern said...

Love the notion of tulips, and snow. I'm a little embarrassed-I think I got the new title wrong, but I am still intrigued when mention a new cycle, which also means more books. I put my two two cents into the world's favorite detective, and apart from a few Golden Agers, Gamache was right up there. I like a lot of other detectives, but I feel a bias toward the literate and human qualities of your detective. I am now addicted to reading DorothyL, but I haven't posted, most of those folks are writers. Keep that critic off your shoulder; remind him of all the good work you've done, and of your happy fans!

Sue Mom of Two said...

Cover design? Who cares? Your books in a brown paper wrapper would still be wonderful!

Ellin said...

cabane a sucres ... wonderful phrase..I'm drooling over the menu...and ready for my nap.
and who plays that piano??

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking "les oreilles" are pork jowls, deep fried, with maple syrup (haven't thought of them in years!).
- Daisy in Arizona

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi lil,

Thanks for the vote!!! And the update. this really is a fun idea of Jens.

And I realize I'm being confusing about books and titles. The book coming out this fall is set in Quebec City and called Bury Your Dead.

The one I'm writing now will be out in fall 2011 (probably) and is set in Three Pines. It's called A World of Sighs.

Hope that helps...Thanks for the support, Lil!

Hi Sue -

Ha, my agent was saying that for the most part all I care about is that my name is huge on the cover and spelled right...and she's quite correct! Ego - thy name is LP (large and spelled right)

Hi Ellin,

Yes, what could be better but a sugar shack buried in the woods, producing maple syrup and maple sugar and maple butter...yum.

Michael plays the piano and paints. And heals the sick. I vacuum and write. I figure its even.

Hi Daisy,

Oh, quite right - that's what the Ears of Christ are. Of course, anything smothered in warm, fresh maple syrup is fabulous. Dirt, bark, rocks - bring it on.