Saturday, 20 March 2010

Happy Spring!

overcast, mild but damp, temps 7

Nice first day of spring. Snow is fast disappearing. Grass - etc - fast appearing. Yesterday, before Derek and Cathie arrived at the cottage I took Trudy over there to make sure everything was fine. We walked through the woods between the homes, along the path. First time since fall. Wore rubber boots, and needed them. it was a mixture of sodden earth, mud, temporary rivers and grainy snow.

But, wow, was it beautiful. Very earthy. As was Trudy by the time we got back.

Love this time of the year. Michael made it around the pond for the first time in months. Still ice in the pond. No sign of the moose we've had in past years. Hope it's still on the property. Their territory is huge though...many miles. Even more kilometers.

And the bears are waking up. I keep trying to remember to take the 'bear stick' - but keep forgetting.

Had a fun dinner last night with Cathie and Derek. They're off today or tomorrow to the nearby monestary to hear them sing gregorian chants...and to buy chocolate and cheese.

The writing is going well. I'm actually quite surprised and relieved. One of the things I realize I enjoy alot is knowing what needs to happen in a scene, but not knowing when I sit down in the morning how this will happen. So I get to choose how it's revealed. Always a surprise. And when my choices work it's thrilling. When they don't, well, you can imagine how it feels.

Not a good night's sleep last night. But Michael, dear one, let me sleep in. Woke up to the smell of coffee and the sound of kibble hitting Trudy's bowl.

Speak to you tomorrow.

Happy first day of spring!


lil Gluckstern said...

Hi Louise-
Missed a day due to recovery from cataract surgery (one eye down, one eye to go) but I am really glad your day with the kids went well-you really did great, and the kids sounded very interested and savvy. I think that you are instinctively good with people of all sizes, and just know what to do. Spring is beautiful with its freshness, and promise, and I felt like I was on the walk with you. I do miss the clear demarkation of the seasons. We went from 50's to seventies, and call that spring. Glad your writing is going well; I guess there's lots of good cooking going on.

Linda said...

Hi Louise,
Happy Spring to you and to everyone here; I love reading everyone's comments.There's nothing like that first really warm, bird-chirping, glorious day, when windows can be opened for the first time in way too long. 69F (that's 20C) here in southern NH! Louise, thanks so much for taking us along with you as you write. It's fascinating! Can't wait for Bury Your Dead!

Darlene said...

Hi Louise,

I started reading your blog to follow your process with your manuscript, which I am enjoying immensely -- thanks so much for that -- but your daily comings and goings are fascinating, too. I feel like a nosey neighbour.

One thing, please: mind those bears! I assume you mean black bear and not grizzly, but if you meet a mama bear you'll need more than a stick! I'm sure you know all this if you've lived in this environment for long, but out here in BC one is always aware of the danger. Please be careful. We need you (and your wonderful books)!

Stay safe and well, and Trudy, too. And Michael.

Suzy said...

Hi Louise,
Spring! A riot of daffodils here with an afternoon temp of 80F. (Charleston, S.C.) I remember the "mud" days fondly (college in NH, and the next 10years in Quebec). It is always the time of year I feel the most energetic...hope it is for you too!
Am reading your series I found The Brutal Telling first. Still Life arrived today (Hooray!)

Ruthie from NH said...

Hi Louise,
Love reading about your writing process. In many ways it is similar to painting------ we know what we want as the outcome but getting there is the challenge, and at times what we are creating often wants to take off in a different direction.
Warm today in southern NH, I have daffodil sprouts coming up although they are buried under leaves.
Your days sound extremely full, and yet you even find time to blog! What a woman!

Jodi said...

Happy Spring!

73F/23C here yesterday (in NYC). The daffodils are coming up so fast you can practically see them growing.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the bear comments - and the reports on the arrival of spring where you are. Isn't it amazing? I'm so glad the weather is good where you are - for the most part. We're watching the Red River, for those of you in North Dakota and Minnesota and manitoba. This is becoming a terrible harbinger of spring.