Tuesday, 30 March 2010


overcast, showers, temps 4

Just out of a wonderful bubble bath. It's the one of the things I miss when we're in our Montreal apartment. The bathroom is very small - compact I guess. Fab shower...but small bath. At least, small for me. And I'm so spoiled by our huge tub out here, which I practically live in. Actually, we should use it as a tax deduction since I do a great deal of thinking in it.

the biggest thing we miss is Trudy. But now we're back and she's with us...feels great. Doesn't smell great...but the skunk aroma is more a suggestion than a hammer.

We drove out to the country this morning after breakfast. Lise arrived and we discussed some work things...including these wonderful bookplates we've been working on and that she had made. I've signed a few hundreds and now Danny and Lucy have them. They're selling them, along with the cafe au lait mugs. If I knew how to put a photo on this, I would. In fact, I wish I could put the photo of Markus I have. Might try to figure it out.

But there will be a photo of him on the April newsletter. As well as a photo of the new bookplates, if you're interested. If you haven't subscribed to the newsletter you can through the home page of my website.

He's not on the refuge site because he isn't actually with him. He's come from Toronto. We got an email to say he's just left Toronto, will arrive at the refuge around midnight, have a few hours rest, then head down here...arrive early afternoon.

We're all very excited. To be honest, we sort of think of ourselves as fostering him, since it's possible there are better 'parents'. People who know how to ride and will give him all the training and exercise he deserves. Lise knows someone who might be interested...and Jana, our fabulous neighbour who'll be boarding him - knows someone who might want him too. We're finding out a little more. He was, as we heard, a racer. Actually born and raised in Kentucky. He actually sounds kind of amazing.

We're so excited about him...and I find myself getting quite anxious at the thought someone else might adopt him. Even though I know it might be for the best for him. As you've probably gathered, our lives are so packed already we barely keep our heads above the press of details and needs. But I find myself resistant to not keeping Markus.

But we'll see. Not worry about it now.

Wrote 2,000 words today. Wow, was it tempting to just say...oh, I'm tired...let's just take a day off. But fortunately I didn't listen! But I did fuel my determination with chips.

Someone mentioned that it is a long way down if you off a horse who is 16.3 hands high. And I believe that's quite true. Fortunately, after a lifetime eating gummy bears, I bounce.

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow. Very exciting.

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