Saturday, 13 March 2010

Getting it Wrong the First Time - thank heaven

Cloudy, mild, temps around freezing

Just finished the pages for the day. I'm surprised how easily it's going. Every now and then I worry that there's too much detail, then I worry its not moving ahead fast enough. Then I think of more things I need to put in. And then finally, I realize I'm right...there's too much detail here, too little there - stuff I've forgotten. And that I won't get it right this first time. The idea is to just toss everything onto the page - and hope for the best. Then get it right in the editing.

More and more I trust this will happen. Still, obviously, have doubts and loads of fears.

Did the ellipticating this afternoon - walked Trudy - made lunch for us and am now relaxing. We're off to the Mounts for dinner tonight. Linda's making the salad and dessert - "I'm" making the main course, and by "I'm" I mean of course, Pat. But I gave her the recipes all by myself.

Thank God for Pat!

Michael's working on his book. I had the best dream last night - that he had a publisher! I know he'll get one, he isn't even looking yet - but it sure was a fabulous, fun, dream.

Be well. Will talk tomorrow.


Dana said...

Great news re Knowlton Literary Fest. I think it coincides with BCS grad, so I most likely will be nearby. Now to find the time to sneak away.
When I read your books I deliberately read slowly, therefore also restless sleeps, dreaming of who done it and the whys and what-ifs. So - restless sleeps on both ends of the book!

Nikki B said...

I think I'm going to use the term 'ellipticating' with a client next week and see what happens....they will either do their cardio or run as far away from the ellipticals as possible ;-)

Barb said...

Louise, I hope your dream about a publisher for Michael comes true. I bet it will.

Hoping the Mounts are doing as well as possible. So sad to have to make the decision. We, too, have ashes, and sometimes at night when I can't sleep my mind starts working its way around to the day when we might have to do that again. That's usually when I get up. :) My dreams lately have involved jigsaw puzzles. Yes, I've been puzzling.

Glad the writing is going well.

Our bedroom is empty, as Tom is putting down flooring. Toomuch and Steve McQueen are thoroughly confused, especially Toomuch. Hopefully it won't be long before the project's done. Tom just came to tell me that Toomuch is in the bathroom sleeping on the mattress that's crammed in there. Poor baby... :x

Our Bookoholics are discussing Her Fearful Symmetry now and it's certainly been interesting.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Dana,

Oh, it would be such fun to see you here for the fest. and we are now sisters in sleeplessness. Sorry about that!

Hi Nikki,

Good luck using ellipticating! We should all try to get the word into common usage. If that doesn't fly you might try 'ellicpi-torment' - though as a trainer that might be counter productive (though true).

Hi Barb,

Michael also loves jigsaw puzzles! One of his ways, along with Free Cell, of parking his brain. But I can see how it would seep into your dreams. Love your description of Toomuch and Steve mcQueen! Poor ones...but where are you sleeping?

Good luck with the renovations!