Sunday, 14 March 2010

tick tock

rainy, blustery, cold, temps plus 2

Blechy day. But not nearly as scary as what's happening along the east coast. Frightening. All that rain, and wind and power outages. I know some of you live in the path, the centre, of that storm. I hope you're OK.

Here it's just a cold, wet day. Windy last night. We had dinner at the guest cottage with Bal, Linda and Bethany. We told them all about your sympathies and good wishes, after losing Tara. They were very moved.

By the way, time to move the clocks forward. Last night. Very good thing no one considers this blog their go-to place for news, or even information.

Still writing away. Some unexpected twists and directions...and at least one unexpected theme. But have decided to see where it takes me...follow it and see if it works. With these intuitive things, i find, they either are brilliant and inspired, or complete wastes of time and takes me way off track.

The jury is out. That's one of the reasons I think I like to write quite a bit each day...if I need to throw all this out and start again I can't afford to realize that in october. I need to know by June, before time runs out.

Slept well again last night. What a difference that makes!

The Mounts came by early afternoon and gave the keys back - they're heading off to Montreal, leaving the cottage. We'll miss having them there. We just adore them, as you know.

Well, off to watch HGTV. Location, location, location is on in a few minutes.


lil Gluckstern said...

I really like reading about your writing process. It sounds like you are cooking a stew for the first time, and by the time you serve it up to us, it will be just right. By the way, a friend of mine once said that having doubts and fears is the precursor to learning and a sense of sureness. I sure hope he is right. Hope everyone in the northeast is okay. We are finally getting some sun-"California weather' for a while.

Barb said...

We have most of the clocks changed, or should I say "sprung ahead". LOL Of course, some are still unplugged due to the PROJECT, so that will come later.

I got excited hearing about Knowlton, until I realized that is exactly when Tom and his buddy do their annual July Hut hike. Ah well, another time, I hope. It would be fun meeting some of the other bloggers, and of course you, Louise.

You asked where we're sleeping... this should give you an idea.:D

We spent the night in the guest room. That bed is a queen size instead of our usual king, and we could sure tell the difference. The sleeping wasn't too bad at first, although there was lots of snoring, singing, snorting and twitching. Plus I didn't fall asleep until about midnight. Then apparently Tom got up and went to the couch about 3am, so Steve decided to get up, but wouldn't use the dog ramp in the dark, since this bed is higher, so there's a gap. So I woke up to him crying in my ear. I got up and found Tom on the couch, gave Steve a little food and came back to bed. Then, Tom comes back to bed. THEN Steve comes in and starts crying to get ON the bed. For 10 minutes. Tom isn't picking him up. I don't know why. Finally I yell, uh, I mean, say, 'why aren't you putting him up on the bed, he's on your side!' Tom says, 'huh? what are you talking about?' So... he isn't hearing Steve. THEN he has the nerve to tell me that Steve isn't crying... So I turn on the light and there's Steve by Tom's side. By now Tom's sitting on the edge of the bed. Steve decides he can, after all, get up on the bed by himself and jumps up. I turn out the light, and Tom gets out of bed and starts making his coffee. Steve starts crying to get down...and so it went.

LOL, yet, we're all still here and the floor is looking good. Oh, and it's snowing and the pilot light went out, so no hot water or heat. I feel like a pioneer, LOL!

Donna K. said...

Did I miss something Barb about Knowlton? Bloggers? Meeting? Ha, lucky Louise , a blogger bash in Knowlton. Think of the press...

"Restless fans eagerly awating new book (s) flock to author's town to desperately yet lovingly reconnect with Three Pines. Not since the Broadway Muscial, Brigadoon,has there been such a interest in a fictional village. Kudos to an author, Louise Penny, for her success in captivating
readers' minds and hearts in such a way that they so want to pretend it all exists. Pilgrimages reunions. crusades have all been a part of our world's history, but not until now has there been such a
hunger for a reconnect.
Could this be the start of the end of television as we know it?????"

Loving and appreciating your honest struggles with writing, Louise. Especially for those who write or want to write. I once wrote a '100 page novel' when I was 9. In Pencil. I was sooo proud, until my friend Doris said,'Hey, wait...wasn't this guy killed back in the 2nd chapter?"

Happy writing. Donna K.

whalewatcher said...

Morning Louise,
I used to be pretty good at remembering the clock changes and then after about 40yrs. of my life they changed the weekends that it is done so now I forget every time. Oh well, it isn't like I'm the 'leader of clock changing' and no one else can move theirs until I do. My life is just an hour off the next day. ; )
One of the things I admire about your writing process is the scheduling. I knew you would probably have a time frame due to publishers wanting the book , but it sounds like it is pretty specific. I think for me that would be too much pressure under which to write. You have proven w/your award winning books that it isn't a problem for you! Continued success! Kathy

Laura (in PA) said...

I love reading about your writing process too. It's neat how things appear that surprise you as you're doing it.

It was pretty nasty here (outside of Philly) over the weekend. Saturday was just unreal, with not only ridiculous amounts of rain, but very high winds. It made letting 3 small, white, furry dogs out to do their business a nail-biting adventure for us all. Yesterday was better, but the flooding started. We were lucky enough to keep our power throughout, and though the back yard is a swamp (see white dogs, above), we only got a small amount of water in the basement. So we're much better off than many others in this area.

I really hope Mother Nature is ready for a nap for a while.

Cece said...

We're very swampy too-I am about 90 minutes west of Philly. It starte raining Friday and as DH left this morning he announced it was raining yet again. I am taking up ark building.
I am obsessed with Sarah's House from HGTV Canada. She and Tommy just crack me up.
Speaking of cracks-contractor due this morning-we may have a cracked garage door header (siding popping everywhere and waving frantically in the wind.) Darn 50+ inches of snow. I wanted to build a pergola this summer-looks like the budget will be reallocated.

Diane said...

How disciplined and tireless you are with your writing - a true artist! So glad we will reap the benefits of all your work. Started to re-read your first book - Still Life - and not sure if I'm reading more into it than I should, but it seems to me the seed for the murderer in your last published one was subtly planted in your first book. Of course, I could be mistaken - have been many times before.

Anyway, I admire your talent and dedication to your craft and can't wait to meet all those wonderful characters in the next one!!Cheers, Diane

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

How supportive you are! Thank you. I had a funny/odd/revelatory moment the other night, coming home from dinner next door. Michael and I were chatting and I said something about changing the clocks forward and losing an hour and said, 'When I was working losing an hour of the weekend was very upsetting.'

And I realized that for reasons that baffle me, I don't consider what I do "working". Don't know if that's good - means it really is love and a pleasure - or bad because it means I don't give it the value it should have.

Oh well.

About the bloggers in Knowlton - that was a fun comment someone made because there's going to be a Knowlton Literary Fest this summer - I', the honoury Chairperson - and people were joking about everyone meeting up here.

On anotehr topic - I'm so amazed by the storm you've just been through. And impressed by all your good cheer in the face of it.

Sorry to hear about the garage door - though.

Speak soon -