Monday, 29 March 2010


rainy, cool, temps 2

Not sure it's appropriate to say Happy Passover, given the nature of the holiday, but I do want to mention that first seder tonight, and the rest of these important days in the Jewish calendar.

Michael and I had a terrific day. Rose early and were out the door by 6:45. headed to downtown Mtl, for breakfast, then an 8:30 appointment with the eye doctor. Everything's GREAT! phew. Another appointment in 6 months...the longest we've gone between eye appointments in years.

Then off to the prostate doc. waited almost 2 hours in the waiting room. But we always do.

I always hold my breath at these appointments - for worry. But everything was great. PSA normal. Everything else normal.

Double phew. (A medical term)

Then we walked about half an hour through Montreal to our accountant's - Frank's - office in Old Montreal. It's tax time. always feels great to get that done. And now home.

Pooped today, for some reason. Decided not to write, but instead to get caught up on a bunch of details. We're heading back to Sutton tomorrow. Not sure what we'll have for dinner tonight, but I have an!

oh, by the way, if you want to check out the horse rescue network that we're getting Markus through, here's the website:

Talk to you tomorrow...


Jodi said...

Just catching up after a few days. Congratulations on the horse. Sounds like it was fate!

Don't worry about the Happy Passover. It IS a happy holiday. Freedom from slavery is a good thing.

Now, Happy Yom Kippur (sort of like instant Lent) would be a little weird.

Anonymous said...

Re: Markus: note to self: Keep apples and carrots on hand. Remember it's a long way to the ground from the back of a 16.3 horse...

Shelagh said...

Great news about Michael's eye and the 6 months between appointments, and double great news about normal PSA. Is there such a thing as triple and quadruple great news...! getting taxes done, and your wonderful rescue of Markus. What a great couple you and Michael are. Kudos to you both, and here's to many years with Markus.

Christine said...

Great news from the round of doctor appts!

Congratulations and THANK YOU for adopting a Thoroughbred! Whenever my in-laws have to retire one of their thoroughbreds, they always follow-up with the new owners. They really love it when they receive cards and photos of the horses and their new families. It means a lot to know they cared for! Oh, and for an occasional treat, some of the horses really loved the red/white peppermint candies. ;-) Hopefully Markus' transfer will go smoothly! Enjoy your newest member of the family!

Reen said...

I loved to watch the wild horses run through the desert. They would fly through the valley, racing our truck. Brilliant.

Diane said...

So happy everything went well with eye appt and the normal PSA. It's amazing how our stress leaves, and how much of it we had, when we hear the good news. Super!! Glad you're getting a rest as well.


Mercedes said...

Louise -- I consulted the website -- horse rescue for rescued horses -- to look for a photo and description of Markus. Was not able to find one. Will you be posting a photo of Markus on your website, perhaps after a few weeks of love and care at Jana's when he feels up to having his picture taken? Hope so. Superb news about Michael! -- Mercedes

Mercedes said...

OOPs, what I meant to say is that I consulted the website -- horse *refuge* for rescued horses -- to look for a photo and description of Markus. Mercedes

Faye said...

Don't be pooped! Write, write. I love your books - started with the first Still Life and didn't stop till I had read them all! Love Armand, love your dogs and love the SPCA. Have two arabian show horses - you are a woman after my own heart!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thanks for all your wonderful support, excitement and HELP! Seems Markus cribs...which means he is either a rap star or takes great gulps of air while clamping his mouth to the stall or fence.

Horses are fascinating...such a learning experience for me. Fortunately, Jana knows all about horses and cribbing and other things.

I'm so grateful for your tips! Apples, carrots - peppermints? Well, why not. Might try it with Trudy - her breath could use some minty-freshness.

what I find interesting too is how many of you either have horses or have horse experiences.

Please, keep the advice coming. I'm so lucky (as is Markus) that he'll be living with Jana - who does know horses.

Thank you too for celebrating the great news about Michael and his health. We're so lucky.

Mercedes said...

Horses often crib out of boredom or as a result of malnutrition. Just as caged exotic parrots feather-pluck out of boredom or malnutrition. The trick is to interrupt and change their behavior by turning their world upside down and then turning it right-side up again.

Halter walk Markus. Lead him around the arena. Around the field.


Talk to him as you walk together. Feed him carrots, apples and (horror of horrors) a few sugar cubes. Feel the breath of his muzzle on your hand. Refrain from saddling him for at least a couple of weeks. Not Jana. Not Sandra. Not you.

Give the big guy some time to adjust to and come to grips with his new surroundings before you plunk a saddle on his back and expect him to live up to his original billing as ridable. If he is a cribber, Markus has deep, unmet, needs. -- Mercedes