Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Always editing!!

sunny, cooler than usual, temps 13

Hi There: A note - I've taken down a paragraph from this post because I announced something that shouldn't, as yet, be announced. Not for a few days yet...but here's the rest of the post!

It's slightly below seasonable, but wow is it ever great to see the sun. The grass it very long and because of all the rain Wayne can't get the tractor/mower into the field. It's now covered with dandelions. Very pretty, actually, but we'll soon all be out there like Mrs and Mrs Grim Reaper, with scyths. Tony actually still cuts with one on occasion. I swear, if anything disasterous ever happens (that meteor hits) I'm heading over to Pat and Tony's. They're the only people I know who could survive without any of the mod-cons. Though they'd probably eat us.

Had wonderful news later yesterday-

A RULE AGAINST MURDER (THE MURDER STONE) has just been named one of Booklist's top 10mysteries of 2009! Seemed a little premature to me, but their year goes from May to May...so it's all books reviewed between April 2008 and May 1st 2009. Among the others on that list are the wonderful Louise Ure, Lee Child, John Harvey and Ian Rankin.


I wonder how this sounds to you? I hope it doesn't feel like 'same old, same old.' It sure doesn't to me. I hope I never reach the stage where I just shrug and carry on as though these honours were trivial. I never forget how hard it was to get here, and how many wonderful, talented writers are out there. And what a blessing it is to be recognized. It really is amazing.

How many people would love to have the good fortune I've had? Lots. So how horrible not to know how lucky I am? I never want good luck to be wasted on me.

I also know the only reason most of these honours come my way is because you've read the books, and tell others. I am so grateful. I was so excited last night when I read about Booklist (and especially seeing the other names there).


Took Trudy to the vet this morning for her regular heart worm medicine and something for her chronic ear infection (goldens!) but also because we were suddenly concerned she wasn't seeing very well. We'd toss the ball and she wouldn't run, wouldn't follow it with her eyes or head. And when it fell behind her the noise surprised her. She might have been like this for a long time but when we had Maggie perhaps we weren't quite as focussed on this...or maybe Trudy just reacted when Maggie reacted and so it wasn't obvious.

The vet did the 'cotton ball' test. had her sit quietly in front of him. He dropped a cotton ball on the left side of her vision - she immediate looked at it and watched it fall. But on the right there was no reaction...until about the third time. So either she just wasn't interested, already knew what it was, or didn't see the cotton ball - it isn't clear. The great news is her eyes looked fine in examination, and she didn't seem hesitant or timid, nor did she stumble...so she might be fine.

Still, we've made an appointment at the vet hospital, which is a teaching hospital, in a town about an hour away, for next week.

The other great news is that even if something's wrong with her right eye, her left seems perfect...better than nothing.

Had her shaved for summer - she now looks like Stuart Little.


Beth said...

Wonderful news on the award nominations! Well-deserved and still very exciting.

Please be sure to let us know how Trudy's appointment goes. It sounds as if you have access to excellent care for her. I always feels so incredibly grateful that we are able to take our dogs to the vet or to specialists and get the care they need. Talk about life's good luck.

It's pouring down rain in Oregon today. Oh, spring.

Susan D said...

Many many congrats, Louise.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Beth,

Thank you! And yes, a good vet is a real blessing...such tough work they do.

Oregon always seems so romantic to me - very forward in thinking, and very beautiful. It's the sort of beauty that would appeal to a Canada...green, and lush, and rugged at times. Is that fair? Never having been I am, therefore, an expert.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Susan D,

Thank you! Will let you know who the others are asap.

lil Gluckstern said...

Hi Louise-

I am so happy for the many acknowledgments of your talents, and enjoy so much hearing about your humanity. You give me hope that well earned success does include an inflated ego. I am glad that Trudy is not seriously affected by her eyes; I think it's great that you are so involved in the day to day of your life. Maybe that's what keeps us grounded, and tied to the earth as it were. I told a friend about your books and mentioned how excited you were at landing on the NYTimes best seller list. We all will do what we can, but that list doesn't always say very much about the quality of the writing, and that of the writer! Your humor, and self deprecatory pleasure is delightful, and I wish you with all the awards you can find a place for.


hilary said...

Dear, dear Louise,

You must be reeling from all the awards....I'm reeling from catching up on your blog, having been in non-internet country for nearly three weeks.

I'm writing to declare The Murder Stone the best mystery of the year -- in advance of officialdom. I read it while being transported by train to Montreal for a family celebration -- and transported by you back to the Quebec summers of my youth and young adulthood. You describe it perfectly. Every detail flows meticulously from your sure pen (or keyboard?).

I thought I had waited too long to read this book, but it was the perfect time.

Thank you for "The Murder Stone." It is a gift.

P.s. I'm enchanted by the idea of the smell of spiders.


frouch said...

Dear Louise,

Yippee! I am sooooo glad for you!


Bobbie said...

Congratulations on the Anthony nomination for The Cruelest Month--that's certainly a biggie. And then going forward to The Murder Stone being named one of the best mysteries of 2009 for Booklist--I'm sure there will be many more as the year goes onward. It is wonderful to see you recognized, they are great books!

It is truly wonderful for me, as a reader, to know that good writing can be recognized in so many ways. I've told many about how I love your writing--maybe that is a small part of it. But you, Louise, are the reason. You write words which touch people, and your plots and characters are so well constructed and well written!

And it is truly a joy to see that you appreciate it all, love writing, and enjoy everything so much-and find daily joy in small things and big things. It is inspiring.

Best wishes for Trudy's eye, and her new summer look. :-)


Beth said...

Louise, you are spot on about Oregon. We have more shades of green than seem possible, especially in springtime, and "real weather" in winter. We were snowed in for two weeks last December, and I felt like Ma Ingalls.

As transplants from Southern California we are so happy to have found a home in the country in a place that suits us so well. Growing up in a beach town was great, but we'll never move back. We do sometimes talk about how perfect Canada sounds, though. :) If we could find Three Pines on a map we might pack up the dogs, cat, and chickens and make our way there.