Saturday, 2 May 2009


overcast. mild - I think

We're in the hotel in Washington - having a great time at the convention...but not getting out except to walk to a local restaurant for dinner. No time to see Washington, though we've done that before. It's an odd feeling - being here but we could be anywhere.

Had a really fun lun with Michael and Jim Huang of the Mytery Company bookstore in Indianapolis. He's organizing bouchercon this year...that's the huge mystery readers/writers convention.

Did the panel this morning of the writers shortlisted for the Agatha for Best Novel. Rhys Bowen, Donna Andrews, Anne Perry and me...Julia spencer-fleming is also nominated but she couldn't make the convention.

This is loads of fun but exhausting...always feel 'on'. At the end of the day we just collapse. As you know, I'm not naturally sociable. I like people a lot, but in small doses...and these huge gatherings are exciting and invigorating but can also be draining. I suspect most people feel as I do - that it's nice to be with others, but it's also nice to have quiet time.

Tonight is the banquet where they're announcing the Agatha winners. I'm hosting a table. have brought handmade chocolate from the village and hardcover copies of The Cruelest Month, for those at our table.

Michael flies home tomorrow...I have a breakfast with Andy martin, my publisher at Minotaur Books and Sarah Melnyk, the publicist. Then a few events - and heading out to the B&N for tomorrow night's events.

This feels like a travelogue and not very interesting...but lots of fun things are happening...I think I'm a little overwhelmed and a little tired. But surrounded by friends.

Will try to blog tomorrow with the results. I think Anne Perry will win, and I know everyone on the shortlist should win, so there's no shame in losing to any of them.

Hope you're later.


Lesa said...

Hi Louise!

Wish I was there! I organized the authors' portion of a reading festival for five years, and I was always just drained afterward. I felt good, because they were successful events, but just drained. So, I know what you mean about a little overwhelmed - fun, but exhausting.

Tough competition tonight. And, you're right. Any one of you deserves the award. Wish I was at your table tonight, though!


Lesa said...

And, no shame in winning either, Louise. (grin) Congratulations! Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

Erica Spinks said...

You won! You won! I'm so pleased for you Louise - congratulations from a faithful reader in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Louise, I'm so pleased for you! Congratulations! So deserving! And, yes, you were among great company with the other nominees!

Bobbie said...

LOUISE WON!!! Doing the Happy Dance here, trying not to spill my morning coffee, laughing, HOORAY!

And it was a very strong field!


You deserve it!! WE all knew that, but to win!! YAY!!!


Jeanine said...

Oh Happy, Happy, Happy!

Congratulations. Never any doubt in my mind.

Pam said...

Hi Louise,
Fantastic news. Thoroughly deserved for a wonderful book. I will see you at Bloody Words in a few weeks. Look forward to seeing you there.

Congratulations again.

AKA Jamie Tremain

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Am in the hotel biz centre with not much time but did want to say THANK YOU!!!! for all your beautiful wishes...I feel swept along by a tide of lovely people. Honestly, I'm so fortunate in you, and your kindness. No fun if great, unexpected things happen, and no one helps celebrate!

Thank you for celebrating!!!!! Am still on a high and plan to be here for a while yet!