Sunday, 24 May 2009


Mainly sunny, breezy, pleasant temps 20

Not too hot, not too cold. Very nice. But lit the fire this morning since it was a little cooler and some showers. Spent the day writing...can spot the end and am racing toward it...all I want to do is writem but need to stop since I get too tired and don't want to start making mistakes.

Love this stage - it's a real gift...the best part of the writing life. When it all makes sense...everything falling into place. The characters are doing what they need to do and I'm just their diarist.


Email won't work on my computers...small problem. Nancy came this morning and is flumoxed...but will return tomorrow to wrestle it to the ground. If anyone can, she can. And Gary's coming over to the guest house to fix the verandah - one post seems to have spent the past 30 years resting on the septic tank - which apparently isn't a great idea. And now that the tank has been changed, we need to change that, before the verandah collapses.

Always something. But - it's amazing - when you have your health, when you have love, and the writing is going well - it's hard to have a bad day!

Need to write the June Newsletter - must fly. Speak to you soon...I hope tomorrow but with focussing on the book I find my mind isn't on the blog. First things first.

But will blog when I can!


London Kate said...

It's always something.

I've always wanted that as the title of my autobiography. But of course the fabulous Gilda Radner got there first.

Just googled her to find that it is 20 years, almost to the day, since she died. What a loss, too young. But she left behind a lot of laughs!

Glad to hear you are cruising into the home straight with the book - all best wishes, Kate x

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Kate,

Twenty years...hard to believe.

Never mind.

Brenda said...

Congratulations! You must feel exultant this morning. I'm expecially looking forward to this book because (1) I need another fix of your wonderful prose and
(2) its setting is Quebec City.

We were married there (actually, on Ile d'Orleans) four years ago yesterday. During the preparations and the post-wedding celebration, we came to know Quebec City quite well (including La Glissade outside the Chateau Frontenac, which you blogged about so aptly a couple of months back.)

We look forward to walking the beautiful, historic streets of Quebec City with Chief Inspector Gamache when your book comes out.

Hooray for you!

Brenda B. in Maine

London Kate said...

"Never mind"

... aaah, good memories. Thx for the reminder!