Monday, 18 May 2009

odds and ends

clearing, cool, temps 11

Still well below seasonable, but at least it's lovely and sunny this evening. So pretty. Checked the lilies this afternoon for japanese beetles...they're terrible...look a bit like Lady Bugs, if you don't know what a lady bug looks like. These pests are red/orange and shaped like a very, very small cigar. And they'll destroy all the lilies in hours.

Didn't find any - but will keep looking. had a few last year.

Had a bbq tonight. Hamburgers. While they were cooking I tied up some clematis that we want to train up a post in the middle of a bed. If you wait too long they've wrapped themsevles around all the other plants in the area.

So that felt good.

Good days writing, I think. Feels good, anyway.

Got on the elliptical - the monster. Thought, for a horrifying moment, it said my heartbeat got up to 215...but then it bounced down to 157.

It feels very good when I stop.

It was a lovely, quiet day at home...and then we were surprised by the skies clearing early this evening. Beautiful.

Tomorrow we're off to Cowansville early for breakfast, then home before 10 to write. Have a 2pm interview with the Ottawa Citizen. Try not to forget.

Oh, we've been watching the level of the pool and we think maybe we don't have a leak...sure hope not!

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