Tuesday, 26 May 2009

crazy talk

sunny, chill, but warming up temp 10

Frost warning last night! Honestly, what is it with this spring? No snow in March but a frost warning when it's almost June. Lise was very wise not to put our annual or vegetables in yet!

Lovely day now, though. Warmer, and sunny.

Just exercised - not pretty. I think some people do all sorts of things and look adorable. Cry, eat, exercise. I just look like a maniac, a glutton and a slimy lunatic, in that order. Of course, if I didn't eat so much I wouldn't have to exercise so much, and that would look after two of the three. Though there would be a lot more crying.

Two more big scenes to write and the book should be finished. Well, the first draft anyway. Then going out and doing promotion etc in June...then back in July in time to do the first edit, or revision. This one, though, isn't feeling as though it needs too too much editing. Too many characters - some will have to go...but I know which ones...and some characters change names partway through, and some change physical appearance and sex. My first drafts - now there's a mystery.

Some promotion stuff just arrived from the US publishers...needs work...and we're reading the proofs for THE BRUTAL TELLING. One thing that has definitely surprised me about the writers life is how much of it doesn't actually involve writing. Indeed, in my life, the writing is the easiest part. And God help me if I ever get behind. I feel as though I just get my head to the surface and a bunch more work drops. So if I didn't keep up, I'd drown.

Or - maybe nothing would really happen. I have a sense this is all crucial, but maybe not. Not - that's crazy talk. (put that in in case one of the publishers is reading this.)

Off to hose down. Yes, my days are that attractive.


lil Gluckstern said...

Just finished "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie," and there you were in Mr. Bradley's acknowledgments. I found the book charming-how could I not?, but more importantly, we agree on your kind and giving personality. Maybe you aren't wonderful after septic tanks, and exercising, but who cares. That just makes you human. Have a hold on your next book, can't wait for the one you're working on. You're giving us a rare look at the birthing process. So interesting.


Elaine said...

Maniac, glutton, and a slimy lunatic? Honestly Louise, sometimes you sound just like Ruth's twin. But then again... maybe you have to have a bit of Ruth in you in order to portray her so effectively.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil,

And I have the stretch marks too!

Thank you for your lovely comment - and yes, Alan Bradley's book is terrific!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Elaine,


(that was Ruth - not me)