Sunday, 17 May 2009


partly cloudy, cold, temps 8

I swear it was almost cold enough to snow this morning. Blech. But at least it isn't raining!

The pool seems to have sprung another leak.

Trying not to stress about it - we've decided to note the waterline and see if it goes lower - then contact our pool guy.

The really wonderful spot is that Gary has managed to fix the roof of the screen porch so it doesn't leak!!! (Perhaps the leak has just moved over to the pool...maybe we're destined to always have a leak someplace) We are beyond thrilled and relieved. Gives us back the use of the porch. poor guy was here for 5 hours on Friday fixing it. And God knows, we had a great test with the torrential rains yesterday.

Writing going well...mapping out where I'm going next is this stage the writing is easy and fun - it's just the structure that's a challenge. Needing, as I've said before, to bring everything together and do it with some elegance.

Just returned from Brunch over at Susan's. Always fun. And Mike - who is leaving CBC Radio for the Guardian - I think I told you about that earlier in the week - sent some emails from listeners after his big announcement on Thursday. I'd begged him to do it, and needed to almost threaten the poor guy before he agreed to send some. But they're very moving. Mike has really made a difference to the listeners - creating a fabulous, insightful, smart but also warm show. So that was really fun, reading all the great things people were saying about our wonderful friend.

Be well - will talk tomorrow...if I don't spring a leak, though that might look after the water retention.

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