Friday, 8 May 2009

When we grow up...

overcast, some rain and some sun highs 14

Really quite warm when the sun is out. Continuing to find it blissful to be home. We're so lucky with the people in our lives...since we've been home we've had a parade of people coming by to help us fix things...the pool has a leak and digging needed to be done, the computers crashed and a bunch of other things so it sometimes feels like a train station, with cars and trucks lined up in the driveway!

But they're all friends, and all doing us favours, and it sure is fun to see them. We're so thankful - honestly, I sometimes feel like an insurance person (what's the name)who calculates how long people might live. I'm constantly hoping I go before anyone else, because without them my life would be a misery!

Went off to Richford, vermont, for gas and to mail a bunch of packages to people in the States. Young US border guard asked all sorts of questions. I could feel myself blushing...I'm a blusher. Always feel, and look, guilty. Of course, sometimes I am. Happily, not this time and after a brief search he let me through.

Now doing a hundred odds and ends, some to do with the books and some to do with our move...downsizing in Montreal to a smaller apartment. Better located too. Looking forward to it!

Have been fielding appearance requests and have had to decline almost all...just not enough time anymore. But I did say yes to Bear Pond Books in Vermont - for sometimes in october. Will be doing it at same times as a bookstore in Norwich, Vermont. And, I also wanted to tell you about an event coming up in Toronto. It's at the Toronto Referecne Library on June 2nd at 7pm.

A bunch of mystery writers will be having their works read by local celebrities. Also there will be Maureen Jennings, Vicki Delany, Linwood Barclay, Gail Bowen and Susanne Kearsley.

My best friend from high school will be reading an excerpt from THE MURDER STONE (A RULE AGAINST MURDER). Wendy Mesley. I can't tell you how thrilled I am she's doing it. I'm already so moved at the thought of her up there reading...and remembering all the hours and hours we sent together, dreaming of what we'd be doing when we grow up. And here she is, perhaps the most respected journalist in Canada. And as kind as she is clever.

Can hardly wait.

And it's open to the public, so if you'd like to come it would be such fun to see you! And all the authors books will be for sale and we'd all be happy to sign.

Off to respond to an email from the Japanese translator for The Cruelest Month. She's marvelous...always wants to make certain she understand the references.


Elizabeth said...

Love to hear about your adventures at the border. I travelled down to see an eye doctor in upstate New York a couple of days ago. While there, I picked up a few skeins of deliciously hand-dyed wool from a favorite shop. When I arrived back at the border to re-enter Canada, the border agent asked,"Anything to declare?" I told him I had some knitting yarn. He asked how much I'd paid and I told him, "eighty-five dollars". He was speechless for about 30 seconds, clearly dumbstuck at the thought that anyone would pay that much money for some mere wool. Finally, he rolled his eyes and nodded me through the queue. Nice guy!
P.S. Did you really go to school with Wendy Mesley? Very cool. Shelagh Rogers was the head girl at mine. She was a little ahead of me and I didn't know her personally though.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Elizabeth,

You made me laugh - guys. Bet he'd pay 100 dollars for a ticket to a hockey game. Your wool will last a lot longer. But so kind of him to wave you through - though he might have suspected he was dealing with a crazy person.

Yes - Wendy and I went to junior high and high school together. She was always the smartest, prettiest and most popular kid. Also extremely funny. Very fun to have as a friend. I've watched her career with awe, but no surprise, really - except the nice surprise that good things do happen to good people - who work their a***s off!

Skeeter Austin said...

Way cool that you agreed to come to Bear Pond Books (in the Stowe location?) because that is where I live!!!! Also, a stone's throw from Norwich. I'll put September on my calendar to browse info to see when you are coming. Did you talk with Susan Adams at Bear Pond Books. I went to High School in Stowe with her!!

C-you soon.