Thursday, 21 May 2009

Beautiful Day

sunny, hot temps 25

Gorgeous, perfect Day. Wayne's out on the tractor, mowing the lawn...smells of fresh cut grass. As I walk around the pond, and near the house, I can smell the apple blossoms. Heaven. The fruit trees have exploded with colour. And the lilacs are close to blooming.

What a beautiful day.

Am halfway through the writing day, but paused to talk to Michael - and am on my way out to walk Trudy...Michael coming too. Makes such a nice break in the day.

The new Septic tank arrived at the guest cottage this morning. I haven't seen it, but Michael was there. He says it's enormous. We could live in it. Perhaps we could just leave it there on the lawn and convince guests its the outhouse. Just poop directly into it.

Maybe charge extra for the charm of it.

Enough, now, about our crap dramas. Except to say the old tank needs to be emptied later today before the new one goes in, so we called the people who do that. They're called Pompage BM...I'm not kidding.

Lovely day -

Am trying to find the soundtrack to a wonderful Canadian musical from the late 70's, early 80's called Billy Bishop Goes to War. I had it once, on tape, but lost it and now it appears out of 'print'. If anyone knows where I can find a copy, please let me know. Fantastic play/musical - set in WW1.

Must go - sunshine and puppy and husband waiting.

Writing going very well - phew.


lil Gluckstern said...

Hi, I am a little more coherent today, just a head cold. It is not hot and sunny, which sounds lovely, but cool and foggy on the coast. Your tank problems seem to mending. I am always amazed that there is a business for doing anything. I've worked with a few a-holes myself, but I try to steer clear. Wholes are really nothing fancy, just imagine the sign of the TAO-in darkness, there is light emerging, and in light there is always a hint of shadow, of darkness. I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so philosophical in what is a delightful blog. Enjoy your weather, and the pleasures of your life.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil,

Glad you're better - and emerging from the slight shadow back into the light. And I always value your thoughts - philisophical and otherwise...I find it fascinating, and illuninating.

Elizabeth said...

Here's some Billy Bishop trivia--also a bit of family lore. Apparently, at his cottage near ours north of Ottawa he had a portrait of himself framed in a toilet seat! I kid you not.

lil Gluckstern said...

Hi Louise,
Thank you for your kind words. You are such a giving person. I checked on "Billy Bishop" and it is listed as an LP-remember those-on amazon in the U. S., but currently unavailable. You might check used book, and music sites in Canada,or maybe put in a request to a shop. They are often good at tracking these things down.
Good luck.

Suzanne said...


Try this link for for Billy Bishop Goes to War, original Vancouver Cast.

Good luck!

I devour your books, can't wait for the new ones!


frouch said...

Dear Louise,

I was having a bad hair day, as in a no more hair day, which was not really my choice, and not really pleasant neither. But what can I do?

Oh yeah! Read your blog and laugh. Thank you for making my day, once again.


Louise XXX

humble.pie said...

what did the first egg say to the second egg on the septic tank lawn.

don't sit on me, you white trash cracker.

Susan D said...

Remember seeing it years (and years) ago. Perahps Eric Peterson could help you.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Elizabeth,

How funny - I guess he must have had a sense of humour about himself!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil and Suzanne -

thanks for looking! I really appreciate it. And great suggestions...the cast album site seems to be people who actually own it. If i can contact them I might be able to get a recording.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Frouch,

Oh, that's can't be a good day. I'm so are so brave and put such a good face on it (a lovely face) but this has to be upsetting. Know you're in my thoughts...and thank God the prognosis is SO good!!!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Hum,

too late, Hunpty Dumpty fell.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Susan,

Great idea...I'll find him. Apparently he's going to be in a revival of the play this summer...need to find out where!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for the soundtrack too. Whoever owns the copyright isn't publishing it at the moment. The Toronto Public Library has a copy in their downtown central branch - reference only I'm afraid.

I've seen the play twice in the last year and a half, most recently with Eric Peterson and John Gray who wrote and performed the original. SoulPepper Theatre is having him back January 22-Feb 27. Well worth the trip.