Sunday, 29 June 2008

With great Elan

sunny, hot, temps 30

What a day! Started with a huge thunderstorm, then forecast for rain the whole day, but it cleared up by 11am and was sunny and hot. Fantastic.

Poor Elan. About twenty minutes after my last blog she slipped by the pool and sprained her big toe. We were worried it was broken for a minute or so, but Uncle Michael checked it, and it's just bruised. But painful.

Then she got very quiet. Then, over dinner, she started to cry. It was heartbreaking. Not because her toe hurt, but because she was homesick. Poor one. We tried to comfort her. I hugged her and told her it was natural to feel like that. I had too. Everyone does their first time from home. And I told her if she really wanted to go we'd make sure she got home.

It was touch and go for a while. But she called her mother who was fantastic. She also told Elan it was natural to be sad, and a little lonely, and to miss home. But to remember, as well, that this was a great chance to have fun. To find out about other people and cultures. To learn new things. And to dig down deep inside herself and find the courage to not only stay, but to have fun.


By the time Elan hung up she was laughing, and not a tear since.

What courage - of the little girl, but also of the mother, not to say, 'Come home' but to tell her daughter she was magnificent, and strong and to remember that. And to look deep down and find what's there.

How lucky are we to witness that.

And little Rozie, our niece, what great devotion and friendship she's shown. It's hard to standby and see someone hurt. And have it affect her own good, carefree time. It can be a downer. And Roz just kept being kind and supportive and loving. And patient. Really, she must be adopted. Can't be a Penny. Though, thank heaven, she has a great deal of her mother Mary about her. So the Lingman's triumph.

Today we took the girls to Sutton for some shopping and ice cream while Doug took the guys golfing...then home for swimming in the pond and the pool.

Trudy, left out of her cage by mistake when we all left, had a field day with the chocolate chip cookies and the hamburger buns.

So everyone's happy.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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Elizabeth said...

Elan will remember this experience for the rest of her life. How lucky for her to be with all of you!