Thursday, 5 June 2008

A slippery situation

Mainly sunny, cool, temps 13

Having a very nice day. Went out with George Gamble, who's the regional sales representative for Headline in the West Country. From what I gather from George that's everything west of the River Jordan. Huge territory.

He took me around to sign stock and meet booksellers. He's wonderful. Very warm and friendly and very efficinet. Makes it look effortless - and we all know what goes in to that.

Then signed a couple hundred books for his to give to other booksellers we couldn't visit.

Back at the hotel we registered for CrimeFest - and met a whole lot of people including Lesley Horton, the president of the Crime Writers Association of Britain who joined Michael for lunch - but I had another, vital appointment.

A massage. Full body. Relaxation. With aromatherapy. Bliss.

And now I'm 'off'...well, as soon as I find Michael. He (and, strangely, Lesley) has disappeared. I need him not only because I live and die by him, but I also need money. To pay for the massage. I thought I could put it on the room, or pay Visa...but seems it's cash or nothing.

Happily, what with the aromatherapy oil, I slipped out of their grasp and came to the room to find Michael.

then decided to blog while hiding out. Most embarrassing.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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