Monday, 16 June 2008

Orange Alert

Mainly sunny, mild, temps 22

Storms blew in yesterday and cut the heat and humidity. Today much less savage.

We're having a lovely, quiet day in Toronto. Michael's interviewing a former colleague for his book on the neuroblastoma study, up at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids.

I had a massage. So we're even.

Watched the US Open last night - wow - amazing. Michael's rooting for Tiger, but like much of the rest of the world I'm rooting for Rocco. I normally cheer on Tiger, but this Rocco's story is just too good. 45 years old - never won a major tournament (perhaps never any tournament) and he finds himself in the playoff round today with the best player perhaps ever!

Spent much of today relaxing and wandering around. Thanking the people at McArthur publishing for being so fabulous. And spotting orange people all over the place. I remarked on this to Ann Ledden from McArthur who said she'd noticed the same thing. People who seemed to be tanned but are the colour of (as Ab Fab would have it) and old man's scrotum.

And not just one person - but a whole bunch. men and women. Then Ann twigged to it. There's also a bodybuilding tournament on at the convention centre - the orange people must be body builders who, having decided steroids weren't screwing up their bodies fast enough, they needed to do something to their skin to turn it orange.

I wonder what these people see when they look in the mirror? Obviously something attractive. But they're probably saying to each other, 'Do you see all those soft, pasty people? Who can they be? What can they be thinking?'

Am back in the hotel room now. Have a 2:30 conference call with St Martin's Minotaur to discuss the publicity campaign for book 4 - known as A RULE AGAINST MURDER in the States. It's coming out in January, and I'm very excited.

We're off to Sutton and acres of moose poop tomorrow. Ah, home.

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