Monday, 9 June 2008

Old fruit?

clearing, hot and humid, temps 29

We're home. How wonderful. Well, we're in the Montreal apartment, which is home too. Staying here for 2 days then driving to Ontario.

Flight on BA was happily might remember on our way over a week ago we were upgraded from World Traveler Plus to Business Class. Heaven. Well yesterday we were downgraded! Can you believe it? Went from World Traveler Plus (which is a small step above economy) down to economy - in the middle seat of the middle row. Poor Michael had a man in front (tiny man too) who not only put his seat all the way back, he managed to push it back even further. When I get to be Queen of the Woild airlines will change their seating...and everyone will follow my etiquette rules - or die. There was also a deeply disturbed infant three seats over who howled most of the way, while his father drank red wine, right from the bottle. Most sensible.

But we're home now. Rented a bunch of movies, got in our diet drinks and lunch with a view to getting into bed, eating gummy bears and watching movies. And then two brawny men appeared on our 8th floor balcony. A kind of horrible miracle.

Seems they're workers and it was time to work on our balcony. With a drill.

So much for our quiet, relaxing day.

Heard from Dolores Gordon-Smith today. She writes marvelous mystery novels set between the world wars. Seems she found my blog and had this to say about yesterday's post...

I mean, hang on a minute, old fruit. What d'you mean, your peringrinations at breakfast and your table-nicking was my fault!!!
It so was not. My manners are of the highest quality and I'm so squeaky-clean in this regard you could eat your dinner off me. (And all right, sometimes I look as if someone has!)

She's delightful.

Speak to you all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Have just discovered your delightful blog. I'm a great admirer of your writing - books and blogs - Lived in Sherbrooke, Quebec for three years many, many years ago, so enjoy the settings. Will be reading all future books.
Thank you for writing them!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Anon,

Welcome, and thank you. And what a small world that you should have lived in Sherbrooke. That's about 1 hour from us - kinda the capital of the Eastern Townships. I realize you know that, but I mention if for anyone who doesn't know it - if such exists.