Saturday, 14 June 2008

Our own Disney film

Mainly sunny, humid, warm, temps 26

muggy day, though not to hot. Apparently there was a huge storm last night, at about 9:30. I slept through it. Pathetic.

Having a terrific day. Michael called Marjorie and she's feeling better. (after we leave...hmm). Went to the Royal York Hotel to have Michael's beard trimmed - then off to lunch with our friend Wendy, her husband Liam and daughter Katie. They live in an area of Toronto called the Beaches. Very old neighborhood - very fun. I think we'd be very tempted to live in the Beaches, if we lived in to TO. Liam loves to cook so we sat in their kitchen and had a wonderful lunch, then went for a walk along the boardwalk, along the shores of Lake Ontario.

Michael's watching the US Open. In an hour or so we're off for the annual BBQ at Kim McArthur's place. She's the head of McArthur and Co. Publishers. Every year during the BookExpo Canada she has a BBQ. Hundred people invited - and everyone comes. It's a real scene. It's at her home and her husband Les cooks. Get to meet loads of other authors, as well as booksellers and critics. The first year I was almost sick with anticipation and anxiety - but this is my 4th, so I'm not too worried. I've come to realize there's almost nothing I can do at any single event to either totally screw up my career or get me on the bestsellers list. So I might as well just relax and enjoy it. Close my eyes and think of England, as my mother used to say.

Had a very funny, and informative email from Lise at home. Here's what she said:

Delmar was working at your place yesterday (edging gardens) and during his break took a walk to the orchard to see how good a polenator your really are, and let me tell you that you must have been really good because; once there it would appear that "Bulwinkle's" wife and daughter or son had also been to the orchard. He would like you to know that you did such a good job with the feather that the tree must have BEEN loaded with pears.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Bulwinkle also noticed and really appreciated your efforts. She has stripped all but 5 or 6 pears (and leaves) from the trees, and since her daughter or son couldn't reach the pears they did a taste test on the apple trees. Delmar thinks she will probably be back to finish it off (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is not so). (It's so sad. I can imagine how will feel reading this, I feel the same)

If anyone tries to tell you it was deer, set them straight it was moose. Delmar found tracks around the tree and right straight through the trenched Linden area. And he also found moose poop in your pool (yech!).

I was there today and can confirm his findings because I found moose tracks and pooh in the pool garden also.

Maybe Pat bring the dogs around to "piddle" in the orchard and pool area. I think because they haven't been there in a while their scent has disappeared with all the rain. Once you are home and doing the walk around the pond with them their scent will probably keep her away, I really hope so.

So sorry to give you this news, but thought you like to know.

Moose? In the pool? We knew there were moose on our land. Tracks in the woods. But we hadn't seen any - ever. And now Lise writes this! Should get her to check inside, maybe they're in our bed, eating gummy bears and watching the US Open too.

Oh well. As I wrote Lise, I'm not all that worried. I kind of figure this is their land more than ours. They're welcome to the fruit...just hope they don't kill the trees. And she's right - when we get home and Maggie and Trudy start peeing around the moose will stay away again. I just don't want to scare them. Might try the puppies on their leashes for the first few says.

Talk soon.

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