Monday, 2 June 2008

Taking the waters in Bath

rain, cool, temps 14

Most of today here in Bath was unexpectedly beautiful - mainly sunny and mild. But the rain moved in and now it's neither sunny nor mild.

Tons of people writing in about the newsletter give-away - which is a maple leaf pin I bought at in Ottawa at the Parliament Buildings - it's a collectors item because it's made from the copper roof that had been on the buildings from 1918 to 1996. Such fun to hear from so many people. Michael will do the draw in about a week.

Spent the day out in this gorgeous city. Met Teresa and Nancy (the copy editors for my books) for lunch at the Pump Room. Tasted some of the healing bath Roman waters. They're naturally warm - and naturally a little stinky. Someone had written to warn us - but we drank it anyway.

Not really all that bad!

The lunch itself was sublime. Love Teresa - and really, really liked Nancy. So grateful for the work she does on the manuscript to polish and make it better. And she's a wonderful, fun, nice, kind and smart person. So it was a real pleasure.

Then they took us all over Bath, into little shops and back alleys we'd never go into. Teresa wrote a book on Georgette Heyers Regency period in Bath - so she's a real expert. I'll tell you, she had us powering along - even holding up the umbrella with shouted instructions to keep up. Which we ignored.

Love the British papers. They're all agog here about Lord Snowdon and the affairs he had while married to Princess Margaret - one affair produced a daughter who has just been revealed. But an article we read yesterday was talking about Snowdon's background and said he came by this gallivanting honestly. His mother's name was Anne, and she was known as Tugboat Annie, because she went from Peer to Peer.

How can you not love a nation that does that?

Must run - dinner calls - and a hot bath.


Elizabeth said...

I'm so envious. Never been to Bath and I adore Georgette Heyer, courtesy of a great-aunt who had a stack of her novels and did in fact take me on two trips to Britain when she was in her 80's and I was in my teens. Why, when some of her books were reprinted in paperback a few years ago, did the publisher put sickening harlequin romance-style illustrations on the covers? You would know better than I.

Damyanti said...

Came here via Ovidia's blog. I love your blog, and am linking to it:)

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Oh, you'd adore it here! Perhaps one day you could bring your daughter.

No idea about the covers - from what I can tell there's almost no explaining some publisher decisions.

Glad you're enjoying the tour.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Damyanti,

Welcome! And aren't you wonderful to write to say 'hi'. Hope you're enjoying this brief tour of Bath - are you in Singapore? I loved that city and hope to return.

Seo Oj said...

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