Thursday, 26 June 2008

But do they eat each other?

mainly sunny, warm, temps 26

One more day. Until the kids come. Doug, my brother, wrote from Toronto with a list of callisthenics we can do, to build up muscle mass before they descend. And take us down with them. Of course, it's far too late for that and we must now rely on cunning, and bribery.

Doug, his kids Rozy (who is just turning 12) and Charlie (10) are coming. His oldest, Brian (13) is at camp. Each of the kids is bringing a friend. Spencer for Charlie and Elan for Rozy. Doug is bringing his imaginary friend.

We have lists everywhere - of food, of activities, of hiding places.

Ice cream, candies, hard boiled eggs, cheese, orange and grape crush and root beer. And that's just for Doug. Actually, he's a vegetarian and doesn't eat eggs or mushrooms either. But, he does eat Caramilk bars.

We're watching the forecast, as though that helps. We waited anxiously to see what movie the local theatre, the Princess in Cowansville, would be playing while the kids were here. Praying for Kungfu Panda.

It's Sex and the City.

Never liked Sex and the City, and even less now.

They arrive tomorrow (Friday) mid-afternoon. 24 more hours. I think we need to just hunker down and pray for daylight.


donna said...

Hi Louise: I hope you told the dogs they were coming so that they can rest up too! Actually, my two cats go into hiding whenever my niece and nephew show up but dogs are more tolerant. They will probably be a big hit- particularly if they can fetch and play frisbee? You have to have some outdoor activities where they can burn up some energy - such as badminton or ping pong (set the table up outside). Otherwise, you better lock down the computer as that is what they all seem to like best. In any case, hope you have a wonderful weekend and holiday. Regards from Connecticut, Donna

Elizabeth said...

Five kids? Good luck. I totally agree with Donna that you need to be ready with lots of outdoor activity. Also, that if they get a chance to play on your computer, you may never see it again. You can always hope that at least one is a reader. Then you need only provide a quiet, private corner and a pile of books. That is my daughter's idea of a good time (not my son's). Some sort of arts and crafts acitivity (nothing too messy)is also great fun. You'd be surprised at what preteens still enjoy. Mine used to have a ball making paperbag puppets like the ones you see in the ads before the movies. Don't be afraid to set ground rules and remember, it's much easier to think ahead and set out boundaries in advance than it is to backtrack and have to change the rules once everyone is in full gear.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Ladies -

Wanna come down? Pleease? you both sound wonderful, and experienced and probably have your own pith helmets.

Outdoor games is a great idea. Will get a football. had a soccer ball but somehow the dogs ate that. fortunately we have a pool and a pond.

But what if it rains? We have monopoly and checkers. Sadly, and I can't quite believe this is true, none of them reads! I used to LOVE spending rainy summer days reading just about anything. From Mad magazine to Archie comics to Anne of Green Gables.

I'm sure we'll survive. Will cable from the front lines.

Keep a candle in the window.

Lesa said...


Your brother must have your imagination, if he brought his imaginary friend. I popped on to read your blog today, and had to back up a couple days to find out about your company. Sounds as if you're all doing fine. You'll be exhausted afterwards. That's how I felt when my sister and brother-in-law brought their four kids down when we lived in Florida. And, that was only for an afternoon!