Friday, 6 June 2008

Food and fun in Bristol

sunny - god knows if it's mild or not

finally - a brilliant sunny day and we're inside the Marriott Royal Bristol hotel at CrimeFest. Oh well, there are far worse places. We're have a blast. Nice turnout - not perhaps spectacular. But Ian Rankin is here and Laurie King and the guy who writes the Dexter books.

Had a panel today on Location. Very interesting - everyone else sets their novels in various parts of scotland, including the spectacular Ann Cleeves, whose current series is set in the Shetland Islands. It was so intersting to hear them all describe where and why. Very moving too.

It made, also, a nice contrast to my books so we were able to talk about location and climate as separate characters in our novels.

Then had a hysterical lunch with Michael and three other writers - Lesley Horton, Dolores Gordon-Smith (whose books are set in the 1920s - between the wars) and Aline Templeton, whose books are set in Scotland. We laughed until I thought we'd all choke...mostly stories about rabid agents and ludicrious editors, and horrible book events. Makes me feel very relieved to know I'm not alone in all these ridiculous experiences and perceptions. Especially the story of the agent who says, 'As you know I have a photographic memory for books. Now, what are yours called again?' to her own author! Or the writer who agrees to make all the changes her agent demands - waits two weeks then sends in exactly the same manuscript, unchanged. And the agent proclaims it brilliant - so much better for her changes.

Not that I'd ever do that...

The Arthur Ellis awards were in Toronto last night...and congratulations to the winners!!!

Jon Redfern and RendezVous Crime – Best Novel for Trumpets Sound No More
Shane Peacock – Best Juvenile for Eye of the Crow (Tundra)
Dorothy McIntosh – Unhanged Arthur (Best Unpublished First Novel) for The Witch of Babylon
Leslie Watts – Best Short Story for “Turners”
Julian Sher – Best Non-fiction for One Child at a Time (Vintage Canada/RHC)
Liam Durcan – Best First Novel for Garcia’s Heart (M&S)
Mario Bolduc – Best French Book for Tsiganes (Libre Expression)

I'm so happy for all the winners.

I understand the evening was VERY exciting and we really wish we could have been there. It was fun to hear too that THE CRUELLEST MONTH was announced as having been the bestselling Canadian book at Sleuth of Baker Street. Thanks to all of you who bought the book, and to Marian and JD for shoving it on so many of you!

We're off for dinner tonight. Taking Ayo Onatade out for a birthday dinner with a few other people. She's lovely - one of the first people in London to be really kind to us, long before Still Life came out. She's one of the senior people at Mystery Women magazine, and does lots of reviews. She's also just a really fun person. So we're off to celebrate with her and Lizzie Hayes and a bunch of other people who heard about the dinner and want to come.

Tomorrow I don't have a panel until 4:30...get to hear others talk about the craft. Fascinating and inspiring.

Be well, and I'll report in tomorrow.

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