Sunday, 22 June 2008

Just nuts - and lobster

cloudy, sunny, rainy - temps 22

Mixed day. Was quite nice this morning for our walk, but just sat down for lunch and the skies opened. We could hear it coming. A thrumming in the forest. We looked up and the mountain in the distance had disappeared. And we could hear it getting closer and closer. Then the rain broke out of the forest at the far end of our pond, hit the pond and raced toward us in the screen porch.

Almost frightening when it's that strong. But we sat sipping our soups all safe and protected.

Edited this morning - two more chapters. Down to 133,000 words or so. Getting there. Am enjoying the story.

Had a hilarious thing happen yesterday. We were on our way in to Sutton to meet friends and passed a neighbors house about 4 kilometers away. Loads of cars. And another neighbor blowing up balloons.

It was clearly a party, and clearly we weren't invited.

Well - they had to die. First, they had to be made to feel like crap, and then die.

It actually felt quite bad (though not as bad as they would feel). I realized my feelings were hurt. fortunately we were meeting some people so I told them all about it and they laughed too, and said similar things had happened to them recently.

What a relief. I might be insane, but I'm not alone. Phew.

As I talked I realized a couple of things - I don't like parties, anyway - and while we like these people we've certainly had lots of gatherings without inviting them.

That too was a relief. Maybe I didn't have to kill them. Maybe I could just anonymously call the cops and complain about the noise.

Went off after than and had dinner with Cotton and two other friends, Tom and Anne at the gold club...on the verandah. It was lobster night! Yum.

Life, even in the asylum of my mind, is wonderful.

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