Monday, 23 June 2008

Make believe, in the garden

mixed sun and clouds and rain - temps 20

Started the day in Montreal - off to breakfast at Cora's then Michael's eye doctor appointment (all's well - next appointment in 6 months). Then I had a dematologist appointment - had a small spot on my nose which didn't go away - but of course it disappeared in the last week and I forgot about it, and the appointment. But we went anyway. We like Dr. Gerstein so it was fun to get caught up.

Then Frank the accountant where we talked tax - but also talked wills. It's been about 8 years since we made the last one and things change. So we're in the process of making new ones. One of the things that's changed are the books. Now, with luck, the royalties will go on long after I stop. So what to do with them? leave them to family? To a foundation? Choose a cause and leave it to them? Who knows how much it'll come to? Nothing? Gazillions? (our accountant assures us that's a number) A nice issue to have, and one I only dreamed about 8 years ago.

Editing going well. Drove back home after Frank, then after picking up the dogs and dropping off the husband I scooted across the border for gas. And had a chance to listen to music and think. I love that. I either go for long, quiet walks to think, sit in a bath, or get in the car, turn on my CD, and let the music and lyrics work magic.

I solved a couple of quite large ways I find thrilling.

And I realized, not for the first time, how much I depend upon inspiration. left on my own God knows how plodding, ham-handed, dull the books would be. Thank Heaven for music, and silence, and bolts from the blue.

The lavender is about to bloom. We tried to grow French lavender a few years ago - what was to have been a field of it is now B-mix. Grass and clover. But we put in some English lavender by the door. Campanula (bell flower) up too.

Had a friend, Maya, who died a couple of years ago. She helped me a great deal when we first moved here. Visited the over-grown gardens, brought lots of her own perennials, taught me about plants and structure. Gave me a whole lot.

It was only after she died, in the eulogy, that someone mentioned her delight in making up names for plants. Huh?

Anyway, the Maya flowers are doing well, though the Pennyitous seem to be fading.

Must be off.

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