Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Teddy Bear

clouding over, more storms on the way, muggy, 25

Huge thunder storms passed by here this morning. I actually quite like storms....used to love sitting in the screen porch and watching them arrive.

Trudy doesn't seem worried, but the rescue dog we have, Teddy (for Teddy Bear) seemed pretty upset. Teddy, as you can see, is a large golden mixed with, yes, bear we think. But such a lovely temperment. A friend, Rhianna's grandmother found him abandoned and took him in, but didn't think they could keep him. We have him as an experiment, to see how Trudy does. I'll tell you, I've lost my heart to the big guy....but Trudy remains unconvinced. Michael is pretty happy either way. But in the meantime, he's wonderful.

Off to the vet for the once over and shots. Then a summer groom tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes. Jeez, another thunder storm has just rolled in. Listening to Supertramp, Crime of the Century....ages since I last heard it. Still love it!


momsue84 said...

Praying The Big Guy finds a forever home with you. Blessings for taking him in.

Debi said...

If the Bear takes up permanent residence, I can't say enough wonderful things about the thundershirt for dogs. Our Lab was terrified of storms, and would pace and pant and just be miserable. We tried the Thundershirt on the recommendation of a friend, and I couldn't believe it but it worked! I have absolutely nothing to do with the company that makes them - just a very happy customer.

Daryl Edelstein said...

its trudy's house so she may need some time to accept him but what a sweet looking lad he is .. I hope you keep him

Anne Mains said...

I read recently that it can take 6 months for the resident dog to totally accept an adult newcomer. In that time the resident dog is to be treated as top dog. If, after 6 months she is still nasty then you might have to reprimand her. My experience has been that if there are no blood fights, it will work and male/female adult introductions are the most successful. We’ve done this several times and only the female/female didn’t work. Good luck.

JeffB said...

We currently have two rescues in our home; Annie, the Border Collie mix, does NOT like storms (or car backfires, fireworks, or any loud noise); Helen (Keller), our newest rescue (purebred double-merle Aussie Shepherd - born deaf and sight-impaired) is, not surprisingly, untroubled by thunder. Hope Teddy Bear finds a home with you, and Trudy comes along (it can take awhile)

Beth said...

Dear Louise,
When we made the decision to adopt a sweet shelter dog as a companion for our 12 year old dog, Dusty, we had to go through a vetting process. One aspect of that was to bring Dusty down to the shelter and take her on several supervised walks, accompanied by the potential adoptee and a shelter employee, who also observed the dogs in a fenced area. I was concerned because Dusty was indifferent to the new dog; I had hoped they would romp and cavort, demonstrating what a nice family we would make. But the shelter employee assured me that Dusty's indifference was a good sign, indicating that she didn't feel threatened by the newcomer or worried about her place with me. After awhile, Dusty and Mary (as we named her, after John's mother!) became fast friends, with Mary always allowing Dusty to take the lead.

I share this with the hopes that Trudy may be giving you signs that all will be well, for the four of you.

with warm regards and crossed fingers,
in Oregon
(who just adopted a pregnant cat & welcomed 4 kittens!)

Beth said...

And I can echo Debi's endorsement of the Thundershirt. One of our dogs experiences heartbreaking anxiety during thunderstorms, and the Thundershirt has been a huge help.

If you purchase it directly from the manufacturer's website and find that it is not effective, you can return it to them for a refund, which is nice when what you're buying is essentially "comfort" and "reassurance", not usually subject to a guarantee.