Saturday, 26 May 2012

Forging ahead

sunny, warming up, temps 25

There were severe storm warnings out for Montreal and surrounding area last night - including tornado watches!  About 11pm a huge storm blew through here.  had to close the windows.  But I hear not much, if any, damage was done.

Awoke early today - breakfast with Michael on the screen porch - blackflies out in force! Pond walk was particularly bloody.

Have finished with that difficult chapter - but keep re-reading it...mostly because I'm so relieved and pleased. One of my favorite chapters now. I think I also re-read it because I'm nervous about moving on. Easier to edit and smooth and re-read than to forge ahead. Ahhh - the mind. But forge ahead I will.

In fact, have just started the next chapter...I find action a pretty reliable antidote to fear.

 Here's a photo of the laundry on the line yesterday, including my flannel writing top. as comfy as it looks! And, if you can see it, the single sock found in the bottom of the hamper. We found its mate later in the day. Our composter is that black box off to the right. Compost and laundry. not perhaps an ideal combination, but works for us.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend for those of you who are American.  Hope it's sunny and clear for all your picnics and barbeques and parties.

Back to work-forging ahead. Ho!


lil Gluckstern said...

I can almost smell the fresh laundry. What a wonderful property you have. black flies are the part of the price you pay, right :)

Radically Riley said...

Just finished Dead Cold and now reading A Brutal Telling. Haven't been able to get interested in any fiction in years, but I'm so intrigued by your characters and comfortable settings. They put me in mind of "The Cat Who..." series by Liliane Jackson Braun, but have the wonderful bonus of local flavour for we Canadians. Bravo and keep them coming!