Monday, 21 May 2012

happy victoria day!

sunny, warm temps 34

Lilacs in full bloom and honeysuckle and alliums just popping.  Up to 35 degrees (over 90f I believe) yesterday.  Scorching hot.  A perfect long weekend day.

In southern Canada the May long weekend is considered by many the unofficial start of summer.  It's when summer cottages are opened, and annual flowers planted and some anxiety over more snow is lessened (but never gone completely).

Doug, Michael and I got up at 5am hopped in the car and headed north, to the Laurentians, and lac Manitou - where we spend such blissful childhood summers.  We packed a picnic and thermos of coffee - arrived about 8:30 am, sat on the dock, and drank coffee.  I took this photo as we sat there.  A more splendid day would be hard to find.

then back in the car mid-afternoon for dinner at an Indian restaurant in Montreal.  Doug stayed there, to head back to Toronto, and we came home.  Didn't write yesterday, but sitting placidly on the dock, thinking of the Gordian knot I've created with this chapter, a few thoughts came.  Not solid, but more a gleam on the horizon.

Looking forward to returning in a few minutes to the manuscript and seeing what the day brings.

Tomorrow morning we're off again - this time to drop the little volkswagon beetle in to have it's tires changed (we feel it might now be safe to remove the winter tires) - then heading to Hovey Manor on Lake  Massawippi, North Hatley.  I have an interview there with a journalist from Las Vegas, then a dinner with a Tourism Quebec official at Hovey and three other journalists who are on a tour very loosely based on local inspirations for the books.  Looking forward to hearing about their day!

Happy Victoria Day/Journee des Patriotes etc to you!


Barbara said...

Your photograph shows such a peaceful, beautiful setting. I think I could spend an entire day on that dock with a good book and a camera. Of course, our canoe would be handy as well. Our upcoming Memorial Day weekend hopefully will be just as peaceful in NE PA.

lil Gluckstern said...

Peaceful is the right word. Your pictures so often show the quiet and beauty of nature. The quiet needed to let the brain rest. Something I know about :)

Colombine said...

Le lac Manitou est superbe!
Il est situé tout près de mon chalet, mon havre de paix sur le lac Castor.

Pendant que vous étiez près de chez moi... j'étais près de chez vous, à Knowlton pour aller assister aux "Printemps Meurtriers", le nouveau festival du polar québécois.
Je croyais vous y voir...

Ce nouveau festival ira très loin.
Félicitations à Johanne Seymour qui en est l'instigatrice.

J'y ai rencontré R.J. Ellory... j'ai eu un coup de foudre (d'auteur bien entendu ;-) He's gorgeous!

J'ai fait aussi de très belles rencontres avec auteurs, conférenciers et journalistes.
Marvelous week-end!

Profitons de l'été... enfin!

Anonymous said...

Lac Manitou, Quebec, looks a lot like Big Bear Lake, California. I spent the weekend looking out at a very similar view..Forested mountains, alpine lake reflections (and unlike your serene picture, a moving mass of bicycle racers morphing along the highway). Beckon Alexander to cut your knot. Bob from Oak Park