Friday, 25 May 2012

Home from Hovey

mainly sunny, warm, temps 25

A perfect spring day.

We're back from Hovey.  Marc-Andre, who is the head front desk clerk and such a lovely man was saying that when readers of the Gamache book are guests at Hovey they are just wonderful.  In fact, Michael and I were out walking and he caught us up specifically to say, 'Your readers are very special people, I hope you know that.  When they come to Hovey they're always so wonderful.'

I can't tell you how much that meant to me.  Not that your behavior is any of my business - but I have to say, I wasn't at all surprised, but I was gratified.  I could see he meant it.  I suspect the Manoir guests are generally nice people, but I could see that those of you who have discovered it through the books are even more amazing than most.

Thank you for that.  For making a place so meaningful to Michael and me, even more special by bringing your own kind spirits to it.

As well, Franck, the maitre 'd at Hovey was delighted to tell me when he knows guests found the Manoir through my books, he introduces himself as Pierre - the maitre d' at the Manoir Bellechasse, from A RULE AGAINST MURDER/THE MURDER STONE.

I can't tell you how much it means to me that where I live, and places I love, are so supportive of the books and characters.  It would have been easy for people to find fault, or criticize, or be negative - but almost to a person they're kind and supportive and happy for me, and for the area.

And how lucky I am to have you as readers - people so special that Marc-Andre was moved to make sure I know how wonderful you are.

Back home now - peas and radishes coming up in the vegetable garden, where My Assistant Lise and Her Assistant Donna planted them.  Peony buds round and promising.  Roses almost out.  Purple azelea (new to our garden) in full bloom.  Alliums just out.  It's such a fantastic time in the garden.

Sitting at the laptop, about the begin for the day.

Suddenly realized I need another file called 'second draft notes' - issues that have arisen, too late for the first draft.  things I need to put into the manuscript, earlier.  And will have to add in the next draft.  I always think I'll remember them when the time comes, but honestly, by noon they've disappeared.  Lay in bed last night and a piece of dialogue came to me - I wondered if I should write it down... vacillated - but finally roused and wrote it in the notebook by the bed.  Thank heaven because this morning, while making the bed I saw the dialogue and barely remembered writing it, never mind thinking it.  Course, the dialogue in the light of day was just ridiculous - but I live in hope.

Fresh laundry on the clothes line - I can see it from where I'm sitting.  Very relaxing.  Hope you're well.  Speak soon.


Miche said...

Thank you Louise, I am heading into hospital to have my hip replaced. I have added your books to my kindle and intend to reread them, while I am recovering.

I agree with you washing on the line is a lovely sight and the smell of it after a day in the sunshine and air is wonderful. If only it could be bottled.

Larry said...

Louise, love your mysteries. What wonderful characters, plots, and settings. All those delightful meals you describe.

I'm fascinated by your use of poetry in the novels. Is any of it collected in separate format anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Louise I adore your books. They comforted me through a recent illness during which time I could do nothing else but read. They were like a tonic. I'm so looking forward to Aug.28th, for obvious reasons (as is my husband whom I got "hooked" on the novels!).

In the meantime, I love reading your blog to find about what you're up to and your "process" (writing).

Be well and please keep Gamache et al coming!


Melody said...

Hello Louise!

I read your books, and blog faithfully. I am a big fan! I have recommended your books to several friends and library patrons. (I am a public library director).

I am eagerly awaiting The Beautiful Mystery!

Take care.