Saturday, 19 May 2012

Into the light of the dark black night

sunny, warm, temps 25

What a beautiful day - again! So fortunate to have this warm, sunny weather fall on the long weekend!

My brother, Doug, arrived from Toronto at 8pm last night. It was still light outside, and warm, so we sat in the garden and talked. Then he reported being awoken at just past 6am by a red-winged blackbird, gripped onto the screen at his bedroom window. Calling to him. I think you can imagine his response.

Then, this morning as I started to write, a blackbird grabbed onto the screens of the living room window and for about an hour moved from window to window, as though it wanted in. Most disconcerting. I worried maybe it had lost a baby down our chimney and wanted in - but more likely it was claiming its territory. Hate to say it, but no matter how hard the blackbird might try, we're not moving out.

Cut some lilac for the kitchen table, and now the whole room is filled with the sweet scent. Well, back to trying to figure out where I went wrong with this chapter, and fix it. 'It's a process. It's a process.' Perhaps the blackbird was trying to help...

We're off to the Laurentians tomorrow, to Lac Manitou - just for the day. The forecast is for sunny and highs around 30 degrees - which is somewhere in the 80's I believe. Amazing.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


Barbara said...

Birds do get zany in the spring. We've had a duck that fell in love with her reflection in the hubcap on our car, one who found love in a basement window at our neighbor's house, and robins who attacked their reflection in our windows when they nested in bushes just outside. very funny, but sometimes annoying too. Glad you're having such nice weather; we are too.

barbara said...

I envy you your kitchen lilacs, since moving to Kitchener upon retirement I can no longer go out onto back porch and cut a bundle of lovely lilac, that's what I miss most about the County - lilacs and poppies. However getting to be with my grandson does make up for it....

I'm relatively new to your blog site and have been so enjoying reading about your days - then the lightbulb "lit" and I realized that I could read your archival blogs - I'm up to spring 2008 - and find your blogs very addictive, and calming - just wanted to say a big thank you for the oodles of "good" reading I have ahead of me!

The other Barbara