Thursday, 17 May 2012

Moody day, moody internet

overcast, cool, brisk wind, temps 14

Well below seasonable. But, as we say, better than snow - which is still a possibility!

Internet went down again today. Just back now. Frustrating when wanting to say hi to you, but very frustrating when I need to do research or look at an attachment someone has sent. But, as I say, this is life in the country.

Finished reading the latest draft of the film script for Still Life. Looking very good. Still a long way from actually happening, but this is a big step forward. Wrote this morning, then Michael and I headed to the high school in Cowansville to give out the first annual Whitehead/Penny Award for Public Speaking - to Meaghan Westover. VERY impressive young woman. Congratulations, Meaghan!

And now home. Had a talk with publishers in NYC about the fall tour. Very preliminary. They're looking at options and logistics. The Beautiful Mystery comes out August 28th, and I'll be on tour for 2 weeks. It would be wonderful to see you on tour. Always a bit of a challenge, these book tours - as those of you who followed last years' might remember. But what makes it possible for me is all the great energy and enthusiasm I feel from you. It really is sustenance. I get back to my hotel room and feel it is all so worthwhile. And deeply thankful to have you reading my books. How lucky I am!

I'm really hoping to have the second draft of the book I'm currently writing done by the time I head out on tour. The first two drafts are the most difficult, of course. Then, post tour, I can do the third draft and whatever else. My hope is to have this book in to the publisher before Christmas. It can feel, at times, like a bit of a slog. Writing almost everyday. And when I'm not writing, I'm thinking about the book. Every day. For a year.

So fortunate that I really, genuinely, love the company of Armand, Clara, Gabri and the others.

And that I have you for a reader.

Chilly day, brisk wind here. But the lilac are coming out finally. Will try to remember to take a camera on our next pond walk with Trudy.


Linda said...

Hi Louise,
Please know that the slog is worth it!! Already have my order in for the audio version of The Beautiful Mystery and I'm hoping you'll come back to Gibson's Bookstore in Concord NH like last year, where I'll get my hardbound copy (signed, hopefully!!!)
A note to Meaghan-- congrats!!

John said...

It was a singular pleasure to meet up with you at both Anderson's Bookshop and The Bookstall at chestnut Court last year, Louise, and it would be such a treat if you are able to visit the Chicagoland area again this year. Thank you again for sharing your life with us through your blog, and special thanks for sharing the would of Three Pines with us. You are an amazing talent!

All my best to you and Michael!

sue said...

I am looking forward to getting your new book and hopefully getting it signed when I cross the border and go to Ann Arbor,MI, in October. I love your books. I lived in Granby back in the 70's and went to Massey Vanier highschool in Cowansville. It is so nice to read your books and see familiar place names.