Sunday, 27 May 2012

Burgers, with a side of delusion

clouding over, mild, temps 20

Drove home from the village last night with the top of the beetle down.  always such a pleasure.  But was getting chilly.  This morning was nice, but by early afternoon some clouds moved in - and now I'm thinking a sweater would be good.  Will get the blue one, also flapping away on the clothesline in that photo.  So comfortable.

Well, I ended up tossing out much of what I did yesterday - but for me, that's progress.  I always need to have words on the page, a starting point.  Then I know if it's the right direction or not.  Getting rid of them is never a step back, but a step toward getting it right.  Replaced them with other words...fingers crossed I got it right-er.  eh.

The first iris is out, others will probably pop before the end of the day.  Writing on the screen porch.  Lovely.

Cucumber sandwich for lunch.  Now it's summer!

It's Memorial long weekend in the States - hope you're enjoying it.  If the weather holds we'll put a couple of burgers on the barbeque for dinner tonight.  We eat them with those thin President's Choice buns that look like a shaved puck, open faced, and figure it's the healthy choice.  Ahhh, delusions.  And burgers.  A great combo.

Speak soon.

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