Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Michael home!

sunny, warm day - finally - but now a big thunderstorm has kicked up - temps 25

Michael is home! He and Vic flew from Glasgow to London, then London to Montreal. I met the plane Sunday night, with a dozen doughnuts. Not sure they remember me being there, but they sure made googoo eyes at the chocolate glazed.

So amazing being home, and having Michael here. We haven't been together here in the country for almost 2 months. Barbequed a steak on Monday night and we sat on the new screen porch. Bliss. so peaceful.

The rest of our days, Tuesday and today taken up with opening mail and responding to phone messages. Feels like we've fallen into a bucket of chores.

I'm writing every morning, as usual....then in the afternoon try to get other things done, but often have a phone conversation scheduled with a publisher, or the film producer. Finished reading the latest version of the script for Still Life. Very much like it. I had a few notes, but not many. Very odd, though, to see what someone does with the story, the characters, the themes. And for me it's a struggle to find that equilibrium between making sure the film is true to the spirit of the books - and especially the characters - without needing the script to be slavish. When to hold tight and when to let go. Not sure I'm always getting it right - but learning.

Off tomorrow afternoon to the local Cowansville high school -Massey Vanier - to speak with some of the students at their assembly and to give out an award Michael and I have established in Public Speaking. There are a lot around for writing, so we though, with the help of one of the teachers, Patrick Fontaine, it would be great to celebrate those students who find the courage to get up in front of their peers and deliver a speech. Very scary.

So, that'll be fun!

What I think I'm going to do from now on, since I can't seem to blog as often as I'd like, is I'll put my facebook posts up on the blog...that way we get to stay in touch daily....and sometimes I'll add things, just for you. I know that many of you, who read the blog, were among the very first supporters of the Gamache books. And I'm forever grateful to you!

So excited about The Beautiful Mystery coming out in a few months. I also know many of you followed the adventures in the monastery, as Michael and I did some of the research for the book. And now it will soon be in your hands.

Speak soon - be well.


lil Gluckstern said...

I'm glad Michael is home, and your working on the script sounds exciting. I hope we in the states get to see it. Enjoy.

Jeanine Cronin said...

Welcome home, Michael! I can hear the excitement and contentment in Louise's writing that you are together again. Louise, I will enjoy reading the Facebook posts on the blog -- good idea!