Thursday, 31 May 2012


mostly cloudy, cool, temps 19

cold front moved in....had the fireplace on today.  Tried to write, but was really too distracted.

Well, we made the very difficult decision that it wasn't really working with Teddy.

Oh, dear.

The woman who found him said, when she dropped him off last week, that if it didn't work out she'd love him back. that she was giving him to us because she promised....but in the meantime both she and her husband had fallen for him. Apparently she cried most of the way home. When I contacted her this morning with our decision, she said she'd come right over this afternoon.

Have to admit, while I believed it was the right decision, it was so painful and difficult. There were all sorts of factors, of course, which I won't go into. But I spent much of this morning and early afternoon lying beside him, cuddling. And quite a few tears. But when she arrived, Teddy was almost hysterical with happiness. I felt a weight lift from my heart and I could see this was where he belonged. With her - and with other dogs he could play with.

Still sad, but we have concluded Trudy is a one dog family puppy. And so are we. And God Bless Teddy, for coming and staying with us, giving us such joy - then going back to his real home. Leaving us wiser.

Thank you for all your kindness and support. It's been a difficult day. But a good one.


momsue84 said...

Kudos for making such a difficult decision. I would cuddle and cry, too. Teddy will be fine, and Trudy will have you both all to herself. We get so attached so fast, don't we!?!

Naomi Avendano said...

You made the right decision - so sorry that it was such a hard one to make. It is so amazing how much we fall in love with our animals! Trudy is a lucky dog and so is Teddy!

Elaine said...

Teddy is cute!!! I have two dogs and it does take a while for them to become BUDS, but mine have. Sounds like Teddy is going to be loved in his new home.

LOVE LOVE LOVE yours books!!!!!!

Donna K Wisconsin said...

Oh Louise,
Haven't dropped a note in awhile.
So thrilled about your attempt to find Teddy a home. Tough decision to give up what already must have felt like a family member.People have to consider so many factors and be reasonable and practical when they don't want to be.
Finally, finaly, after 3 yrs of telling my Calif. cousins about your books, they are addicted and loving them and amazed by your writing!it is fun hearing them talk about the books that i am probably ready to reread. Cheers. Donna K

Beth said...

dear Louise, tender thoughts going out to you on a difficult day. In the end, we each know our own family better than anyone else can, and must do right by them. It sounds as if this was best for Trudy, who trusts in you to look out for her, and also best for Teddy.

We never know how often we are the answers to someone else's prayers. Perhaps in returning Teddy to the family who brought him to you, you have been just that.

All will be well. For you and Trudy, for the other family, and for Teddy, who now feels the comfort of being loved by more people than before. I think that lingers, and can be only good.

xxx Beth