Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Thank you, Ralph

overcast, rain, temps 17

Cool and rainy - but good for the garden, and it's the day we left Hovey anyway so we really don't mind the rain. Lilac almost out here at home. Even got the suitcase unpacked! I often can live out of it for a week - too lazy to totally I do it in stages. Funny how easy it is to unpack at the hotel, but so hard to do it at home. I timed myself today. Took 7 minutes. And yet I can stretch it out for a week.

Nice to be home.

And lovely of Ralph Cosham to blog for us. What a wonderful post too. Thank you, Ralph.

On another topic, les Canadiens have so far lost both of their hockey games against Philadelphia. The first was 6 to 0! the second, last night, was 3-0. So we're getting better. I figure, at the rate they're going, they'll tie the next game, 0-0. Then win the next 3-0, etc. So, basically, the Habs have Philly just where we want 'em. What a plan.

Hoping to have another quiet day tomorrow and start getting ready for everyone arriving this weekend. Speak to you tomorrow!


Marjorie said...

Any man who can be both Armand Gamache and Zeppo Marx is clearly very talented! Thanks to Mr. Cosham.

--Marjorie Tucker

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Marjorie,

I agree!