Monday, 31 May 2010


Mainly sunny, mild, temps 23

Lee Ann was, as you might remember, going to post about a very important Memorial Day event for her - the re-dedicating of their local library into a 'memorial' library - to commemorate the war dead, including her son Thomas, who died in Iraq.

the re-dedication was this weekend...and, she'd still going to write something soon, but it seems the weekend was sort of overwhelming with family and unexpected events (her too! - sound familiar?) that she hasn't been able to put pen to paper and give it the time and thought it deserves.

So I told her not to worry and to just send it when she's ready.

My day was beautifully quiet, except for the regular Monday avalanche of emails - even more as we head into the launch of Bury Your DEad and try to coordinate tour schedules. And we're booking into next year as well. Events always sound like a good idea when they're 12 months away.,..and then as they get closer I scratch my head and try to think why I ever thought that was a good idea. So, am trying to be more respectful of my writing schedule and not encroach too much into next winter and early spring.

However, it looks as though I have managed to book an event in Pittsburgh next April. Will keep you posted.

Writing/editing going well. More of a re-write than an edit, as I adjust scenes, and characters...and even names. My first drafts and final drafts are often unrecognizable as the same book.

Exciting some of you know, I've been thinking of getting a new car. We sold both of ours in the winter, with the thought of simplifying. going, perhaps, with only one. N ow that seems not very workable. Being in the middle of the country, with touring, I can't just take our one car and leave Michael and Trudy marooned. Well, I could, but I probably couldn't come back.

but we hate the thought of two cars. Until we realized if we got one with low gas consumption and used it everyday it would make more environmental sense. At first I was thinking of a Smart Car...I just adore the design. But the more we thought about it the more restrictive it seemed. Wouldn't want to drive it in winter. Or on our highways.

But our friend and neighbor, Walter, has had a series of new beetle convertibles and swears by them. Indeed, my very first car was a VW Rabbit convertible. I adored it.

so, we got to thinking about that...and then I saw a powder blue one...VW beetle convertible. 2006. The only year they made powder blue, apparently. and we wanted a used one...for the country roads, seemed to make more sense.

We've looked and looked. Walter's looked for us. I've made phone calls, followed them up...but nothing.

Until today. Walter called to say the local VW dealership in Sherbrooke as one! So I called, made an appointment, and Michael, Walter and I will pop over at 7 tonight for a test drive! Yippeee...

Can't remember when I've been more excited about a car...except, perhaps, that very first one, thirty years ago. Wow.

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Hope you're enjoying the long memorial day weekend. we've been so moved by the coverage, by the interviews. On all the wars and all the lost.


mgk said...


At one point in my life, I drove a Volks 'Thing'. Long ago and far away. But I loved it.

Follow the Dream. Sounds wonderful.

We lived in the US for almost 10 years. And lost friends and relatives on both sides of the border. We are remembering today, too.

We salute them with you.

Darlene said...

Fascinating to know how radically your drafts change. It's so good of you to share all this with us.

Go VW! My Golf is celebrating her 20th birthday in July. Still fewer pollutants in her exhaust than most newer cars on the road. (We have "Air Care" testing here in BC)
Before that it was two Rabbits, before that a Beetle. They are just so darn dependable, low emissions, low fuel cost and with proper tires they will never leave you stuck in the snow. (I don't own shares in VW.)The mechanics who service my car want to buy it from me. I wish VW would perfect their hybrid prototype.

whalewatcher said...

I've had a Rabbit, a Golf and a VW Beetle so that car for you gets my vote! Hope it all works out!

Beth said...

Oh, Louise, thanks for the biggest smile of my day. Your enthusiasm about your Beetle made me think of my sister. As soon as she became aware of car makes and models as a child, she declared her love for VW's and eventually focused all of that devotion on the idea of a yellow Beetle convertible. Bless her heart, she saved the money from her after-school and summer jobs, and just after she graduated from high school she purchased her dream car. The dreaminess of it ended almost immediately, when she went to pick it up and realized she had just purchased a car with a manual transmission, without being able to drive one. I was living with roommates then, and one of them volunteered to drive it from the former owner to our house. Our dad then made the 2hr drive to pick up the Beetle and take it home, with my poor sister forced to follow him in the boring old family car.

She never quite got the hang of driving a stick, and eventually sold it to someone with that particular skill. Her Beetle made her much happier during the years she was dreaming about it than it did once she owned it.

I'm certain your story will have a happier ending; hers, at least, still makes all of us (even my sister) smile whenever we say the words "Julie's Bug".

Jodi Kaplan said...

So glad you decided against the Smart Car. Someone on my block has one, and since you're tall, I don't know how you'd fit!

(Funny, cars on my block include a Smart Car, a couple of mini Coopers, a Hummer and a Lamborghini. Do you suppose they cancel each other out?)

Barbara said...

I love the photo of the lupines on your June newsletter. Flowers just have a way of easing whatever anxieties I'm feeling, especially blue blossoms. The baptisia outside my front door sends me off with a lovely display each day-- for a little while in the spring anyway.

Jill said...

Louise --
when you said you booked yourself into a Pittsburgh event next April, where is the event? Would it by any chance be at the Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont, PA? I just moved back to Pittsburgh, after living in Boston,MA for the past 41 years. I discovered the MLB while reading the Pittsburgh newspaper but haven't actually visited the store yet.

I'll travel to whatever location you will be appearing, but thought maybe it would be at their next Festival of Mystery.

lil Gluckstern said...

Enjoy your Beetle! I love the pictures in your newsletter, so much beauty, and peace, right outside your door. "Bury Your Dead" is getting tons of kudos based on the ARC'S, and I feel particularly eager to read it, since it was the first book I followed with you as you did your research. I still remember those great pictures of Montreal in the snow, and you both enjoying it so. Busy days once again?
Or always...

Tammy said...

Behind on my blog reading and just saw that you joined the Lipstick Chronicles,,,,now I get to read you in two places in addition to books!! Fantastic!

Tammy in STL

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all - and welcome back Lil!!!

I'm SO excited about this car...loved the story of the manual yellow beetle. my first was also manual.

In terms of the Pittsburgh event, it would be great to see you there. but i'm afraid until it's more settled I can't tellyou anything. sorry to be so coy!

speak to you tomorrow. back to work for me,..