Saturday, 15 May 2010

Sherlock Holmes

overcast, rainy, temps 9

Back in sutton - feels wonderful. Had a quiet day yesterday...did some groceries and mailings. And rented Sherlock Holmes. I've been reluctant to see it because I adored reading the Conan Doyle stories growing up. Read them all - they were very important to me. And I hated the idea of giving them the Hollywood, testosterone treatment. Call it something else, but no Sherlock Holmes. But finally decided to see it and....I loved it. Still don't think of it as Holmes, but it was wonderful. Great chemistry between Robert Downie Jr and Jude Law as Watson. Didn't like the casting of the two women, Irene Adler and Watson's Mary. I thought they were both mis-cast. But, not being a casting agent I might be wrong. There was nothing wrong with the women who played them, but i thought they could have been both stronger and more charming.

But the film surprised me by being so good.

Had breakfast with Cheryl in Knowlton. Looked at the plans for the home they're building. It's wonderful - very exciting. i love looking at house plans, and especially of people I care about.

Seeing a friend for coffee in Sutton this afternoon. And...wait for it....

Off to Hovey Manor tomorrow!!! Three nights. Hovey was the inspiration for the Manoir Bellechasse in A Rule Against Murder/The Murder Stone.

Having such fun with these two weeks off...and getting alot of good ideas for the editing. Helps to relieve the stress - a whole lot of things start becoming clearer. Including a new way to start the book. Nothing radically different, but just a slight re-adjustment to the opening scene.

Speak to you tomorrow.


whalewatcher said...

After you mentioned Hovey Manor as the inspiration for the book I looked at the website. Sigh...Wow...
I sure hope to visit there one day. I can imagine
unwinding there w/no problem. Enjoy!

bgpringle said...

Now you're talking my neck of the woods - Hatley/North Hatley. Hope you have good weather but know you'll enjoy no matter what. We head that way a week tomorrow - can't wait.

Susan Fish said...

I completely agree with you about Sherlock Holmes - from the reluctance, to the miscast actresses, to the idea that it was good, just not Holmes.

Speaking of films, have you seen The Ghostwriter. It's very good and clever. And scary in a good way.

A. Wright said...

I still haven't seen the movie, RDJ just isn't Holmes to me, but that is just the way I feel about it.

As a great fan of ACD's Holmes and as an even bigger fan of LRK's Holmes I take my Holmes rather seriously. It was very nice to read that you are an ACD fan and appreciate the Holmes of Canon.

I read my way through your Three Pines mysteries this year and am eagerly awaiting the next in Sept.

Alastair said...

I can't figure out who "LRK" is, but I've seen a variety of Holmes's's's.. (sorry, tripped) though not yet Downey's. I see his career is really recovering, but I don't know how he is at sounding seamlessly Engish. My favourite Holmes so far has been Jeremy Brett, at least after a roughish start with Hound of the Baskervilles. None of the un-Doyle-like icons like the deerstalker, or "game's afoot". And a Watson who was sensible, not a stumbling idiot, just lacking Holmes gifts of perception.

John said...

LRK is Laurie R. King, and a reference to Ms. King's novels with Mary Russell and Holmes. Check them out, starting with The Beekeeper's Apprentice!!!

Robin Agnew said...

I thought the movie was OK but the action scenes to me were actually dull. I LOVED Downey & Jude Law - yummy. I liked the part when he actually deduces towards the end - if they had taken the trouble to write a better script the whole thing could have been as witty. It doesn't hold a candle atmosphere-wise to either The Illusionist or The Prestige, same period, but both had wonderful scripts, as well as wonderful actors.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

yes, Hovey and North Hatley (the village it's in) are as magnificent as you can imagine!

I haven't read Laurie R. King's series but have heard fabulous things about it...and she has a new one out, in the series.

How interesting to hear how others felt about the film and the casting. I completely agree with you....and yes, Robin, you're right. Driving over here this morning and thinking of the film I began to realize that was a huge piece missing...the thing that distinguishes Holmes, was his ability to deduce from the tiniest piece of evidence... but this film had very, very little of that. Why they bothered to call it a Holmes movie and didn't just give the characters two other names is beyond me. I haven't seen The Ghostwriter, but will - sounds great. I have seen the Prestige. Brilliant!!! Adored it.

Robin Agnew said...

The GHostwriter: pretty good, smart script, good actors. The Illusionist: if you haven't seen it you must! I am an Edward Norton freak thanks mainly to that movie. He;s incredible.