Monday, 24 May 2010

All gone

party cloudy, hot, temps 29

Another beautiful day! Sunny and hot. Had coffee this morning with a friend in Sutton.

the family left at 5 this morning. Michael and I set our alarm for 4:15. Woke Doug up...he did the last minute packing of the car then woke the kids. Four bleary zombies clomped downstairs, gave us hugs and kisses (they could have been kissing a chair as far as they were concerned)...then into the car. Actually, to be fair, most did manage a few full sentences. And were very gracious.

And off they went.

And back to bed we went.

Just got emails from Theo's mom to say he's home and to thank us...but I have to say, he's a remarkable young man...boy. Hard to say at 12. He sat down at the piano and started playing, so I asked about music lessons and he said he doesn't play piano but something else (have just forgotten which instrument he said)...I asked how in the world he picked out Mozart, and he explained he plays it on his other instrument so figured it out. He cleared the table, and even washed his dishes.

Some smart mother should get dibs on him in about 10 years for her daughter. He's also a funny and kind boy. A great friend for Charlie, who is all those things as well.

Also had an email from Doug, confirming they're home. Always a relief to hear that.

Have a quiet afternoon...might try to do the first draft of the June newsletter. I think the Canadiens are playing tonight - have sort of lost track. It would be the make or break game. Tomorrow having breakfast in cowansville then some banking, then home for....arrrgh....the beginning of the first edit, or second draft, of the next book. Very scary. Will tell you tomorrow what happens.


Nikki B said...

Louise -- You need to stand by your team :) They need you more than ever!

Leinda said...

I wish I could read over your shoulder and watch the editing process. Good luck with it. I'm already looking forward to the next one even before my Kindle downloads the latest!

Darlene said...

I echo Leinda. Can't wait to read about the editing process.

Diane said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit with your family. I was with you in your comment about knowing they arrive back safely, it's such a comfort when an e-mail or phone call comes.

My sentiments are the same as Darlene's and Leinda's - can't wait to learn about the editing process.

Softly raining here this morning. A perfect writing day - so I tell myself.

Reen said...

Your writing reminds me so much of home. Pépère and his crepes... Mémère telling him how to clear the icy swamp so we could play hockey-- and get him out of her kitchen! Your stories have a way of bringing these things back for me, pleasant memories of fun and growing up. Cold tourtière after school. Mixing up English and French like, "... the Le Creuset pot." Yeah, I definitely get lots and lots of good stuff out of reading your books-- and your blog. Thanks!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

The Canadiens lost last night - they're out of the play-offs...but they sure played well. Very exciting!

The editing has begun...I'm so glad you're interested in the process...a relief, since that's what I'll be writing about.