Thursday, 13 May 2010

quiet day

mainly sunny, mild, temps 12

the city's still reeling from last night's win. Emotionally - but also some physical clean-up too. Some of the crowds got a little out of hand (hooligans) and broke some store windows. A shame to mar such an amazing hockey win - but for some I guess any excuse to do damage. And high spirits too...hard to remember what it's like to be young, and perhaps drunk, and feeling overcome with excitement. At least they didn't turn on each other.

All through the city people were still singing Ole, ole, ole. Canadiens flags out. Business men, students, otherwise elegant Quebecoise women wearing Habs skirts. It's very fun - and funny.

Beyond the slight hockey hang-over it actually was a quiet day. Had a massage - always great. Picked up a new cordless phone for home. Our old one seems to be wearing down, and we like to be able to have it on us as we walk around the pond or sit outside. Last night before the game we watched The Damned United - a terrific British film about Leeds United soccer club in the 1970's - and their coach. True story. We really liked it.

Today I rented The September Issue - about Anna Wintour and putting together the September Vogue - the huge annual issue. Fascinating. I'm not generally interested in fashion - but I am interested in sub-cultures - and dynamics...and human inter-actions, especially creative people. So this was a feast. Especially rich 'meeting' the remarkable Grace - who styles many of the vogue shoots and photos. Amazing. A person I'd love to personally meet. Can't often say that of the creative people profiled in films like this. They're often riveting messes. But not Grace. She's vulnerable, and strong, self-aware, funny - she was a model until an accident ended her career...and now she's an absolutely brilliant visionary. Her photo shoots are stunning, even to my untrained eye. Wish I could remember her last name.

Love learning things. Of course, I always forget the exact facts and details and only really retain impressions. Feelings. Makes a documentary very hard to re-count. As you see, I've already forgotten Grace's last name, and by tomorrow morning I'll have forgotten her first. But I'll remember her long red hair and her vitality and humanity - and the sense of working at Vogue. I think.

Michael off for dinner with one of his sons tonight. I bought some sushi and will relax at home, after a great day.

Back to Sutton tomorrow. Speak then.


Marjorie said...

Grace Coddington.

I don't know much, but I know how to find stuff!

--Marjorie from CT

Pierre said...
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Pierre said...

I completely agree with your opinion on The Damned United. A great movie with great acting. The Brits are very good at this. And I also agree with your view on The September Issue. Two very good movies.

whalewatcher said...

This doesn't follow any general topic already being discussed, but at school today my class did an
Author's Tea. We practice writing all year and then they put their best in to a hardcover book dedicated to their parents. We invite the parents to come and they ooh and ahh and I believe are truly proud of their kids and the kids drink up the accolades and feel good about being an author.
As I watch this all unfold I wonder, ' Is there another Louise Penny among these budding writers?'
If so maybe one day I'll get to read one of their books.

Julia said...

What I loved about The September Issue was realizing that Grace Coddington was someone I'd been in close contact with -- as a teenager poring over Vogue, trying to understand how those images related to my jeans and t-shirt life. I never did take on any fashion sense for myself, but I had a secret love of the wacky Vogue spreads. And now I know that she was behind it. Using literary & cultural sources for her spreads that made them art in and of themselves. It was a delight to see her steal the thunder in that film!

Diane said...

I watched the rebel rousers in Montreal on evening news - disappointing but as you say, they're young and although it doesn't excuse the behaviour, you're right however, doesn't hurt any of us to remember what it was like to be young.

Thanks for mentioning the movies. I'm on the hunt.

Dana said...

Almost 20 years ago a young friend was left blind in one eye after "young celebrators" smashed the window if the restaurant she where she was working. I find it upsetting that all the good sport can do for a community can be destroyed by the acts of a few. Her memories of being young were forever altered by those irresponsible actions.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Dana,

What a heartbreaking story. And yes, this sort of hooliganism is never right or good. Indeed most people suspect the people responsible aren't really hockey fans at all but young people who simply are looking for any excuse to do damage. Like the soccer yobs of a decade ago in the UK and Europe. Not real fans, but thugs. A shame.

On another note, such fun to hear some of you are familiar with The September Issue and Grace. What an artist. Marjorie, thanks for her last name.

And Kathy, I was genuinely moved by your comments...thank you.