Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tea Party

cloudy, some sunny periods, cools and windy...temps 15

We can smell the smoke from the forest fires way up in Northern Quebec, so huge are they. Disconcerting. Not because we're in any danger, but just knowing how much is being destroyed. And the threat to people's homes and way of life - most of whom are native. Terrible. Apparently the burning can be smelt as far south as Maine.

Very frightening for the people. I remember well the wild fires in Australia a year ago.

Had a fun board meeting this morning, organizing the SPCA tea. Going to be a great event.

Spent the rest of the day editing nd writing...until seven pm. Then made dinner. Writing/editing going well but much slower than I expectd. The first draft is close to right - but not to get it right I actually have to do alot of writing. i'm enjoying it, and very pleased with how the second draft is reading. But wow is it a hard slog.

Still, the job now is to get it right. Quality, not quantity, I keep reminding myself. Even if this draft takes until August, if I get it right it's much better than being finished in June, but needing yet another severe re-write.

Feel like the blog is dull - not much energy or creativity left by the time I blog these days. Sorry! But I do think of you.

Lovely, quiet day tomorrow. Just writing. Yay.


whalewatcher said...

You're welcome Louise.
Have a happy and productive day writing!

Cool City Stitcher said...

Maybe it will help with seeing that so many of us check your blog site every day - I do, at least twice a day, and then it's 'ohh' when there's nothing there, and 'ahh' when you post. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of what it takes to produce your books, which we love so much.

Dana said...

Never dull! Weather is always interesting to Canadians and the writing process is fascinating. My daughter and her house full of girls were guests at Diable Vert on Sunday - kayaking and swimming in the river. I asked her to look out for you and say Hello, but no luck.

Diane said...

The edit critic overstepped its bounds! You're blogs, like your books, are anything but dull. I don't always post a comment, but every day I try to follow it.

What a wonderful snapshot of the writing process you share with us -gruelling, challenging, exciting and any other adjective we can name.

Thank you for thinking of us and taking the time to post.

whalewatcher said...

Diane you said that well and I agree!

Reen said...

Dull? Hardly-- your blogs are like getting little notes from home.

Linda said...

It's the unofficial start to the way too short summer season down here and it's a beautiful day. We can smell the fires in So. NH, too. It's sobering to think what that means.
Don't worry about your blogs. They're never dull and I think of them as an "extra" gift. Enjoy the day!

hollygee said...

My best friend in Alaska says that the forest fires are early and big this year as they had so little rain. They shipped that here to California.

JennyYeni said...

The smoke has now reached Cape Cod, which is about 350 miles from the border. Terrible to think of people losing everything in the fires.