Friday, 7 May 2010

British election

mixed day - cold wind, cloudy then sunny - temps 10

Wayne came and cut the grass. Tony came to cut down trees broken by the heavy snow. Luc came to fix the satellite television. All by 9:30 - so the quiet day wasn't quite as quiet as all that. But we were thrilled to have everyone working...outside. While we ferreted away inside.

Still ferreting. Not quite finished the first draft yet. I'm at the revelation stage - always quiet difficult. All an issue of the progression...the reveal. How best to do it? What is most natural? Clearest? How best to knit together all the elements and still keep it simple, but dramatic. so it doesn't read like a list of suspects and motives. Or a compete re-cap of what we've just read.

Taking a break right now from writing...watching BBC World - the British elections. Fascinating. Watched it last night too - but got bored. Taking so long to get results. Fun to see that when a riding is called all the candidates are on the stage together with a big coloured ribbon attached to their shoulders. The winner of announced, and the others needed to stand there and applaud. Actually, quiet moving to see such civility - or at least the appearance of it.

Need to relax for a few minutes then head back. Am determined to finish today, even if I have to write to midnight! Can always tidy it up in the edit.

Light a candle.


Reen said...

Candle lit. Fig Newtons et. No sweat.

Cool City Stitcher said...

Another candle lit.. no fig newtons, will have to settle for ginger snaps.

whalewatcher said...

Candle lit here in the MidWest, fig newtons at the ready.

Brenda B. said...

We're with you too, candle in the window. Go Louise!

Brenda & Diane in Maine

Anonymous said...

Not really sure where to post, so please forgive my non-tech lack of ability.

Only my opinion: if "classic" is represented by present day imagination that will be understood and appreciated by many, many people in the near and far future, then "The Brutal Telling" is classical.

The one novel I have enjoyed as much as "The Brutal Telling" is "Tale of Two Cities".

Jennifer Dee said...

I'm from the UK and I have to say that this has been the best General Election in decades. The result will give a much needed shake up in our politics over here. Glad to hear that you have been taking an interest.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

I'm home!!! Free. and lookin' for the fig newtons...hope you didn't et 'em all.

First draft finsihed at almost midnight last night. Thank you for the 'go louise's' for the candles, for the cookies...mostly for just being there and letting me know someone besides me cares.

you're the BEST. And your help is significant and noted. Thank you.

And what a lovely comment too about 'classical' and classic. Thank you!!